SONG PREMIERE: Uncle Lucius -“The Light”

Austin’s Uncle Lucius celebrates its independence with a highly anticipated fourth album, The Light, to be released June 9, 2015 on Boo Clap/Thirty Tigers – representing a long awaited record deal.

For a decade, Uncle Lucius had built its fan base the hard way, through relentless touring and restless searching. With no other option, they called on their die-hards for help. Hundreds of believers pledged tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars. Both humbled and exhilarated, the band hit the studio, eager to justify their fans’ love with the labor of their hearts and souls.


The resulting LP, The Light, is the statement their fans have waited for, with its songs of seeking and questioning, of reaching out to others, of excavating the hidden strength within. After years spent spreading their message across Texas, here at last is the vehicle that can take them to the national level.

Glide is premiering the title track “The Light,” a composition that showcases both healing harmonies and a boozy flair that makes for three minutes of pure rock and roll polished reflection.

Opening the album, “The Light” begins deceptively, with singer Kevin Galloway alone in a playful groove, until the band crashes in like a hammer, turning a folky shuffle into a barrelhouse stomper. Amidst the propulsive rhythm, Galloway sings of “Going through the motions/without knowing why; Faking our emotions/trying hard not to try.” At its heart his message is self-determination, escaping the traps of learned behaviors, or studied reactions, in favor of reawakening the power within us. Obscured though it may be, there remains a light within all of us, just waiting to be rediscovered.

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6 thoughts on “SONG PREMIERE: Uncle Lucius -“The Light”

  1. Mike Owens Reply

    Uncle Lucius is one of the best bands I have found in years. I have heard every song on this new album. Every one is a pleasure for those who value meaning in their music. If you want the get drunk…get stupid mentality of most of today’s music look elsewhere. If you have a soul and a brain and know how to use both….This is the band for you. Don’t let this one pass you by. Bands like this don’t come along very often. May they one day become too big for Texas to hold.

    • Cynthia Reply

      Amen.. I love Kevin’s unique voice. This is a band that goes deep down in your soul. You feel every lyric, every strum, every key, every beat of the drum.. a great feeling.

  2. Sarah Coffan Reply

    wth is a barrelhouse stomper.

  3. Andrew Grossman Reply

    How about those excellent piano riffs? These guys are great!

  4. Shelley smith Reply

    The lyrics demand our attention….very enjoyable. The piano sets the cadence for the lyrics perfectly.

  5. Rick Priest Reply

    Uncle Lucius’ harmony, tightness, lyrics, good heartedness…… make them a MUST see band of professionals. Their show is so very powerful. They beak into jams, fill the room with perfect four part harmony, spine tingling guitar leads, pounding bottom end. Makes me want to “Spend my golden years takin’ in the view”!

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