I’m not sure if your frat brothers or tour-rat friends sent you this clip yet, but if you haven’t seen this, enjoy the first four minutes of what many critics are already calling “the funniest movie ever made.” As you may determine in the preview, it at least has the greatest ping-pong scene in cinema history.


Truthfully I prefer Martin Lawrence vehicles to Borat, but I’ll probably see this flick.

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  1. Ace,

    I can’t imagine you sitting through a Martin Lawrence flick. He’s about as funny as leprosy, and twice as irritating. And thanks for the updates on the Stones. Scorsese better get to them fast before Keith Richards figures out he’s been dead since the “Some Girls” sessions.

    HP Anything

  2. I know it’s strange, but believe it or not, Martin Lawrence slays me. He really does.

    There’s something about him in both Nothing To Lose and Blue Streak that cracks the shit out of me. Sometimes there is literally shit cracking out of me. Well, uh, er, not really. But, yeah, I wasn’t being my dickhead sarcastic self on that one, I really love Martin. That said, this Borat flick is gonna kick ass.

    And you’re welcome on the Stones/Scorsese stuff…we’re gonna have a reporter (read: friend without a pen) at each show, so we’ll have plenty for you next week.

  3. As silly as it sounds to say that the first 4 minutes of the movie is not representative of the movie, I’m gonna go ahead and say it.

    The hook with all of Sacha Baron Cohen’s characters is how he sets up a scenario, tries to offend or irritate and then improvises the dialog and adjusts to maximize the entertainment value of the whole situation.

    The first 4 minutes is just a scripted set-up for him arriving in the U.S.

    What follows is a loose plot in which hilarity hits you from every side.

    Based solely on the amount of times I laughed, how hard I laughed and how sore I felt afterwards, it really may be the funniest movie I’ve ever seen.

    In addition, I have to mention that someone behind us actually puked from laughing. Puked!

    Ace, your italization of “probably” should be replaced with “most definitely” at the earliest time possible.


  4. Thanks for the rec, Monk…but I was kidding with the italics (and the Martin Lawrence plug). I do like Martin and all that, and my comments were truthful, but c’mon, Cohen is a fucking genius and should be celebrated by everyone.

    I will DEFINITELY see this movie, as soon as I can get to a theatre and get ass-raped by the vendors. Seventeen bucks for a Coke? Oh yeah, sign me up.

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