Grousing The Aisles, Vol. I


From the virtual desk of Scott Bernstein:

Grateful Dead – October 28th, 1985

Dead 85

A great show from the best year of 1980s Grateful Dead finally surfaces in pristine soundboard condition. A rare sans-Fire Scarlet Begonias highlights this incredible 2nd set that features consistent playing and nary a break in the action.

The Word – August 11th, 2001

The Word

It’s rare that a “supergroup” actually creates good original music, but The Word did just that in 2001. This short set from the GrassRoots Festival is one of the best the band performed. Luckily for us, this set from John Medeski, Luther Dickinson and Robert Randolph is now circulating from a soundboard source.

Ted Nugent – Cape Cod 1981


Ted Nugent is one crazy motherfucker. But Ted Nugent is also one helluva guitar player. Download this show and see a good dose of both sides of Ted Nugent.

Project 1992 Phish (11/19/92) (11/20/92) (11/21/92) (11/22/92) (11/23/92) (11/25/92) (11/27/92) (11/28/92)

Phish Nectar (12/3/92) (12/4/92) (12/5/92) (12/6/92) (12/7/92) (12/8/92) (12/10/92) (12/11/92) (12/12/92) (12/13/92)

I collected Phish tapes for about seven years, and in all that time I got maybe two or three Fall ’92 shows out of the 300 tapes I’ve amassed. The band was playing small venues in those days, and not too many tapers had caught onto the band at that point in their history. Now, thanks to the marvels of Al Gore’s Internet you can download every single show from that epicly underrated run.

Under the name “Project 1992,” a bt.etree user named discocape (zzyzx?) has compiled and uploaded for download every show from the year, and I’d like to buy that man a beer. Some of the sources are audience (a few even provided by Phish Archivist Kevin Shapiro) and a few are soundboards. 11/19/92 may be the best tour opener this side of 12/2/99.

Eric Clapton – April 18th, 1987

Clapton Tina

I’m assuming Clapton was still on the junk in 1987 because this show rips! As if the setlist, playing, and soundboard source isn’t enough to get you to bite on this, I might also add that Phil Collins is on drums. Tina Turner, while pictured above, does not actually factor in to this recording.

The Beatles – Acoustic Masterpieces (Escher Demos)

Beatles acoustic

The Beatles Anthology made for a great release and featured some incredible previously quarantined stuff, but it didn’t include everything: This particular torrent contains a collection of acoustic demos for the White Album. Most of the songs were written in India and recorded at George Harrison’s house a few months later. I can only imagine the drugs they were taking at the time.

Grateful Dead – February 15th, 1973

Dead 1973

For the Grateful Dead, 1973 was all about the jams. This particular show places emphasis on the band’s songs while featuring a couple of intense barn-burning jams (see Dark Star -> Eyes of the World). It’s the best of both worlds really. From the “Jennifer Dances” file, check out the incredibly horrible “You Ain’t Woman Enough” to see why this song was only played a few times.

Midnight Jam Session – Merlefest 1995

Every year the biggest names in bluegrass make there way to tiny Wilkesboro, North Carolina for one the best festivals in the world: Merlefest. One of the many traditions of the festival is a midnight all-star jam. This torrent presents the midnight jam from 1995, and upon listening to this sweet sounding recording you can smell the pulled pork.

Gov’t Mule – October 14th, 2006

For a while there it seemed like Warren & Co. were shoving their new songs down our throat, but as Mule’s tour has progressed they are finally mixing up their setlists. This terrific show from earlier this month features the old school Mule M.O. of old songs, tons of covers, new songs, and guest sit-ins. Bonus points to Warren for making an attempt at Stevie Nicks’ “Gold Dust Woman” — it’s like the two of them were separated at the buffet line.

If you’re a soundboard snob and would like an official copy of this Mule show, feel free to click here and purchase it yourself (as of post time, this show is actually not available, but it will be soon).

Download away, and feel free to provide your comments below…

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  1. I’ll take a stab at it: “Grousing the Aisles” was a contribution to the lexicon by musical genius, kung fu expert, and Newcastle caretaker manager Glen Roeder. Where do I collect my heady points? Shakedown Street?

  2. Sweet, thanks for all these, particularly those 92 links. Don’t have the time to troll around etree to pick these up, so this is appreciated. It’ll be fun to remember what it was like being an idiotic 18 year old in love… in love with Phish, that is.

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