Things To Do In Denver When You're Red

Everyone’s favorite redheaded singer played a free show in Denver’s Twist & Shout record store last night, and by all accounts, the event acoustically melted faces. Trey not only performed, but he also signed some shit for the lucky patrons, including but not limited to a shirtless photo of Chuck Norris (that’s not a joke).


Here’s the unofficial setlist from our in-store spy, Deputy Girardin (not necessarily in correct order, just a list of what was played): Sample In A Jar, Inlaw Josie Wales, Case Of Ice And Snow, Page’s New Shirt, Sleep Again, Waste, Get Back On The Train, Dragonfly, and Camel Walk -> Chalkdust.

If you’d like to read more about this event, you can click on this excellent Phantasy Phish thread about one man’s father-son trip to Twist & Shout, and many thanks to Jeff Woolfall for the above picture…

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  1. I should add, Page’s New Shirt was played by request and was unfinished. That really just may be the best song ever written by Trey. YEM? Reba? Not even close.

  2. According to a friend who was there all day, here is a quick list of weird things Trey signed on that day:

    -Juiceman’s cape (signed “GO JUICE!”)
    -Bruce Willis Die Hard action figure (girl just bought it while waiting in line)
    -picture of Chuck Norris with his shirt off (Trey told a story about always getting mistaken for Chuck when he’s overseas)
    -Guitar World centerfold of Trey’s Languadoc
    -12 inch vinyl single of Prince’s “Let’s Pretend We’re Married” (that got the attention of our GM Patrick, a huge Prince fan and the guy who introduced Trey on stage)
    -giant wood cut of the Phish logo

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