Shine A Light: Rolling Stones

Our friend and unofficial photographer/videographer Hal Hansen went down to the Beacon Theater last night for the first of two Scorsese-filmed Rolling Stones shows, and he’ll weigh in with an update soon. As a preview, here’s what he’s got:

“That Loving Cup was far and away the musical highlight. Other highlights included high-fiving Keith Olberman, shaking Elvis Costello’s hand and being about 10 feet away from Bill & Hillary Clinton as they walked in. Just a totally absurd scene that I had no business being a part of.” Hal also sent me a text message after walking past Angelica Huston, with whom I love dearly.

Stones Marquee

Last Night’s Setlist: Start Me Up, Shattered, She Was Hot, All Down The Line, Loving Cup with Jack White, As Tears Go By, I’m Free (last played in Dec 21, 1969 according to Gazza), Undercover, Just My Imagination, Shine A Light, Champagne and Reefer with Buddy Guy (live debut), Tumbling Dice, Band Intros, You Got The Silver, T & A, Sympathy For The Devil, Live With Me with Christina Aguilera, Paint It Black, Jumping Jack Flash, encore: Satisfaction.

Click here for a full review of the 10/29/06 show.

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  1. I’m assuming that the Elder Handstand peed all over himself when Loving Cup started. Is that an accurate assessment?

  2. Funny story about last night. I met double H at the venue last night before the show began. Before the meet up I did a few laps around the venue.

    On 75th between Amsterdam and Columbus were a bunch of tourbus looking movie trailers. I passed by one and looked in the window and Jack White was staring back at me.

    At that point Double H called and I told him to meet me at that corner I had a surprise for him. We passed the trailer like 40 times just looking at Jack White. Good times!

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