Grousing The Aisles, Vol. II

Conehead Buddha – February 2nd, 1995


One of many great bands from Upstate New York that formed in the early 90’s, Conehead Buddha had a ska/funk edge that separated them from their peers. Can somebody organize a big reunion gig for all those bands? Imagine a Conehead Buddha, God Street Wine, Hypnotic Clambake, moe., Yolk, and Moonboot Lover festival? I can, and it would be pretty awesome.

Phish – February 15th, 1991 (DVD)

Phish keene

It’s not every day you see video footage of the popular rock band Phish from 1991, one of the tightest stretches in the band’s history. Sure enough, the band runs through all the classics, and the filler features them in an unusual setting, playing Hangin’ With MTV.

Tenacious D – September 28th, 2001 (DVD)

Tenacious D

Prepare to be blasted with mentions of Tenacious D this month, as the outrageous duo releases its film and starts its tour. Get in on the action with this great video — shot from a tripod — and audio taken from the soundboard. It wouldn’t be a Burlington show without a visit from a member of Phish, and Page answered the call for an explosive triple encore of Flash, Wonderboy, and the Abbey Road medley.

Frank Sinatra at the White House

Rat Pack


Ace Cowboy clearly has a man crush on Frank Sinatra, and who the fuck wouldn’t love Frank and all his Rat Pack buddies? The White House set will probably be the first show you have from the actual White House, and it’ll certainly be the first set of music introduced by Richard Nixon. Tricky Dick is the new Bill Graham? Both shows are soundboards, and the performances, while kitschy, are worth a listen.

Little Feat – 10/31/75

Little Feat

A week after the Big Red Machine broke their hearts, the people of Boston were comforted by Lowell George and Little Feat. Skin It Back > Fatman in the Bathtub is a one-two punch worthy of Ali. The sound on this bit torrent is better than the version found in the archive, so if you have the time, download from the first link.

Grateful Dead – 4/2/73

Boston Garden

Not too many venues have the history that the Boston Garden has with the Grateful Dead and so many sports teams. In fact, Bill Walton came to the Celtics purely because of the epic Dead shows played in that building (I made that up, and that thought was terrrrible).

If WRS Prelude > Eyes of the World > China Doll doesn’t convince you to listen to this one, I don’t know what will. Check out Billy Kreutzmann stealing the show, as he tended to do without Mickey Hart holding him back.

The Band – August 1st, 1973

The Band

If you don’t already have this awesome show in your collection you should hit yourself in the nuts or the tats and then immediately download it. The sound quality is amazing, and the setlist is just about perfect.

Beck Live on KCRW – October 31st, 2006


The beauty of blogging is the ability to direct you to a download that was broadcast just yesterday. Beck and band left the puppets and electric instruments at home, and here they play songs from “The Information” for Nic Harcourt and the Morning Becomes Eclectic crew. Get on this…

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  1. this is great stuff.

    Who are Scotty B and Ace Cowboy?

    I’ve been told that Scotty B is none other than Scott Brosius, and that Ace Cowboy is actually an amalgam of feminist writers on the jam scene.

  2. Scotty,

    Just saw Zappa Does Zappa Last night. If you haven’t put much thought into their project, I can tell you from someone who never saw Zappa I got a pretty googd idea of what it was all about.

    It was possibly the best show musically I have ever witnessed, Bozio and Steve Vai were rediculous and Napoleon was nuts. The drummer I think Joe Travers maybe crazy. Dweezil was paying great homage to his father and my skepticism disipatted after the first 30 seconds.

    Seriously, this band is worth a blurb if you get a chance to listen to a show. I know dimeadozen has an active torrent.

    Good stuff,


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