Pullin' 'Tubes: Vote on Tuesday Edition

Judging from the hundreds of e-mails I’ve received this week about the civil responsibility of voting, I’m guessing today is Election Day.

My dime-store political analysis: Leave it to the Lefties to peak entirely too soon. Unbridled optimism from the Democrats suddenly became dangerously cautious optimism (with a dash of Hide the Pelosi), and the Republicans over the past two weeks have morphed from sourpuss defeatists into a smug bunch of wannabe underdogs. The Republicans are basically the 2004 Red Sox.

All the recent pro-Democrat polls mean nothing. The only poll that counts is the one they take once a year on the first Tuesday in November. So not to sound like the teacher at the beginning of Dazed and Confused, but today when you’re being inundated with all this Election Day pundit prophecy and exit polls brouhaha, don’t forget that nobody knows shit ’til the polling stations finish counting.

To honor this day, here’s U.S. Blues from the July 4th, 1989 in Buffalo, complete with Phil looking exactly like Napolean Dynamite and Bobby’s incredibly short shorts.


Now, here’s the rest of this morning’s Show and Tell presentation…

  • An adult dose of old-school Cream: a 1968 White Room with a mis-spliced intro and this wickedly raw Tales of Brave Ulysses. I strenuously urge you to read the comments on the YouTube page of that Ulysses clip, it’s an excellent bonus. There’s potential for what the kidz call pwnage.
  • And adult dose of old-school Cream somehow begets an adult dose of old-school Phish…I wouldn’t rule out the Clapton/Trey identicalities. These clips come from the 6/23/89 show at The Paradise in Boston: Peaches en Regalia and Fee (a Kudos bar to j0ndaily for uploading these).
  • David Byrne teaches Sufjan Stevens a thing or two about being fucking awesome during their duet of Lefty Frizzell’s Saginaw, Michigan at the Revenge of the Bookeaters benefit at the Beacon Theater in late August. Shit, that’s the longer sentence sans punctuation I’ve ever written.
  • Two simple words: The Duo. Allright, a couple more words: Ever since these two hooked up with Mike and Trey, it’s become fashionable in some circles of the world wide web to call them “overrated” and “not that good.” I’d just like to declare, the next person that says as such with no explicit reasons for believing this and then showing this will receive my knee thrusted into their junk, man or woman, adult or child.
  • If you’re as enthralled as I am with the Geico Caveman commercials, and even more so with the background song in the latest mersh (Royksopp’s Remind Me), you may just this crude mockup of the scene on the airport people-mover. I don’t know why that got me, but it got me.

Youse see anything new out there on the ‘Tube? Let us know.

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  1. Yeah, that Duo clip is fantastic…I’m pissed I wasn’t able to make it to the Bowery show a few weeks back (Goddamn Reagan National Airport and their delays), the first Duo show I’ve missed in NYC in quite some time. Those guys deserve all the praise that’s heaped on them, and then some.

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