Caption This Pic: Trey Fluffers

Please accept our insincerest apologies if you happen to be one of these girls, but life is all about having fun at other people’s expense. So let this be a lesson: If you take a picture with the jam world’s (least) favorite son and post it on the information superhighway, you might want to crop out the chick that looks like Ron Jeremy.

Trey Girls

So go ahead, sports fans, what say you? Got a witty caption for us?

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  1. “First I’d like to suck some M&Ms out of these blonde girls asses, then I’d like to…well, maybe I’ll just beat this other one senseless until she’s unconscious. What, no good?”

  2. back in Trey’s oxy days, that chick never got by Brad…but in the Shine-era, everybody is H&H and anyone can go backstage.

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