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A powerful and personal chronicle of the band’s 1991-1992 world tour, and continuing through 1993, the period during which Nirvana became one of the most iconic and important bands in rock music, Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! features 15 complete songs plus interviews, behind-the-scenes exploits and excerpts from the group’s home video archives. The original video was completed with great care by band members Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl after Cobain’s death.

The highlights range from Nirvana’s appearance at a huge stadium show in Brazil (at which Cobain and Grohl dressed in drag) and a stage dive by Cobain in Dallas which ended up in a melee, to their brilliant headline performance at The Reading Festival. There is an iconoclastic bash on “The Jonathan Ross Show” in London; a uniquely ironic rendition of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on England’s famed “Top Of The Pops” TV program and there are guitar-smashings which circle the globe (Seattle, Reading, Honolulu, London, Portland, Brussels, Tacoma and New York on “Saturday Night Live”).

Songs featured on Nirvana: Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!

Nirvana Cover

About A Girl
Love Buzz
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Negative Creep
Come As You Are
Territorial Pissings
Something In The Way
Drain You
On A Plain
Endless Nameless

EXTRAS – Live In Amsterdam:

About A Girl
Been A Son
On A Plain

Two times the “On a Plain,” all for a low, low price? Shit, I’m definitely on that. I wish I could win my own contest here, but I’m guessing that’s how most South American royalty ends up facing a death squad…I guess I’ll buy it.

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  1. Nirvana should be releasing more live material – unlike Sublime, they have every right to milk their catalog even if the $ goes Courtney Love

  2. I’m speaking totally ojbectively here, just a man trying to incite provocative debate among an online community of wiseacres.

    Apparently it didn’t work. Care to enter the contest, considering the guy getting the free DVD right now says that the Three Stooges are the greatest musical trio ever?

  3. Trio bands usually suffer from a sort of penis envy. They will never have the lushness of a 4-piece ensemble so they overcompensate with lots of distortion or production value. I’d refer you to Cream, which basically rendered itself irrelevant by pushing it to the edge for their brilliant but brief run, or to Emerson Lake and Palmer, who were musically brilliant but incredibly sappy and far too willing to rely on that prog-rock weirdness.

    My favorite does a lot of this stuff too but, once you shed the weirdness layers, they play some of the tightest jazz-ish music around. And if no one has Notes from Underground, the tuba solo at 3:32 of Uncle Chubb is a joy. So right, MMW win for me.

    Nirvana was cut from the Cream cloth, but I think Cobain had a lot more left in him. I was a huge Nirvana fan and I have my periodic spurts when I listen to Nevermind or Bleach, but, all in all, it makes me too damn sad. That’s why you got to remove his place setting and wrap his tunafish sandwich in cellophane.

  4. There were only two trios that ever mattered. The first is Peter, Paul, and Mary. If not for them, no John Denver. If not for Denver, no Muppets Christmas. Argument over.

    The second trio that mattered was more punk than Nirvana, and filled with more rage. I speak, of course, about The Three Stooges. Moe, Larry, Curly. Even with Shemp sitting in for Curly, they could outplay and outrun any comtemporary trio.

  5. What band has:
    – Fuzzy guitars
    – Two-foot beards.
    – A guy named Beard
    – A Kick Ass classic car collection
    – Jimi Hendrix’s favorite guitar player
    – A song about a whore house that even your grandma knows

    Yes, I think ZZ Top could very well be the greatest trio Ever.

  6. This could go on forever. We all want to say Rush or ELP or even Grand Funk, but hands down the one band that nailed the trio essence was The Police. Exquisite albums, original sound, and incredible talent. And they went out at the top of their game. If they had not packed it in after Synchronicity, could you imagine today’s Stink riding his high horse as part of a rock band? Look at him now: a meager and mere shadow of his formerly cool self, happy to be playing shitty lite jazz tunes and demanding that people believe he and his wife still have tantric sex like high schoolers. Christ, if he keeps going, he’ll be Paul McCartney in a few months. It’d be better if he take a career cue from another musician–Kurt Cobain.

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