Pullin' 'Tubes: Deutschland Edition

In an effort to continue wasting your valuable time, we now present you with this blonde-haired, blue-eyed installment of our regular Tuesday department piece…

It’s always fun watching two grown men sing into the same mike, especially when those dudes are Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan, Slow Hand and Slurred Speech. They stand so close together it’s hard to categorize this clip as anything but…romantic. Here’s a sloppy but pretty cool version of Crossroads from the Eric Clapton and Friends Crossroads Benefit Concert at Madison Square Garden in 2000:

We’ve got a full slate of YouTube videos today, so let’s jump right in…

  • If I ever get married, I only have one request of the bride: Her pops needs to get some scratch together and hire Bruce Hornsby to play the ceremony and the cocktail hour. The man is a virtuoso, he’s enormously tall, and he’s often times as funny as he is musically inclined. Take a gander at this stellar performance of The Way It Is with John Molo and a wicked ticklin’ intro from Cologne, Germany in 1990 and tell me I’m wrong.
  • Sticking with the keys, “Y’all know the doctor? Dr. John? Mack Rebennack?” I recently came across this clip from the 1986 instructional video “Dr. John Teaches New Orleans Piano.” Even better than Fred McGriff’s cameo in the Tom Emanski Baseball Videos series, this is a full tape of barely comprehensible voodoo hoodoo from a man that can hardly pass as a native English speaker. I must admit, I’m not sure whether he teaches you the Blossom theme song of the Popeye’s jingle in this video. Okay, and I’ll even throw in this fantastic Such a Night from the The Last Waltz.
  • I’m a notorious sucker for the vibraphone, which is probably why I’ve mentioned Milt Jackson more times in one month than any other live music blog has in its entirety. Check out this version of the Modern Jazz Quartet’s Django from the 1987 Arts Festival in Freiburg, Germany.
  • Widespread Panic’s been blowing through the Ace-favorites with Jimmy Herring in the fold: Chest Fever, Morning Dew, and this kickass Little Wing that features Randall Bramlett on sax and the lovely Susan Tedeschi from 10/7/06 in Macon, Georgia. (A two-part addendum: first, you can buy the show from Live Downloads here, and please also note that the YouTube category for that WSP clip is “Pets & Animals.”)
  • The Germans must either have minimal video recording policies or suprisingly lax security at shows. Here’s another great one straight from Germania — The Who rockin’ a killer Drowned from Essen in March 1981. Wait, doesn’t Pete Townshend kinda look like Judd Hirsch in this thing?
  • With the Langerado lineup announcement now just one day away (WSP headliner, confirmed), let’s take a look back at this Bisco-infused Umphrey’s McGee late-night show after the festival with Barber on stage trading licks with Jake on some Floydian goodness.
  • Any song that features the lyrics “For the last six months I’ve been packing your bag, you can wash my balls with a warm wet rag, ’til my balls feel smooth and soft like silk, I’m sick of yer mouth and yer 2 percent milk” is all right by me. So let’s just end this post with a not so subtle message to you good-for-nothing lot, Ween’s Piss Up A Rope.

Always remember: By the Power of Greyskull, you have the power…

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0 thoughts on “Pullin' 'Tubes: Deutschland Edition

  1. HP Anything Reply

    God. Now I hate Dylan more than ever. And it almost rubs off on Clapton. These guys need to take it offstage and get a room.

  2. firewall Reply

    Luogo interessante, buon disegno, lo gradisco, signore! =)

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