Pullin' 'Tubes: Purple Jumpsuit Edition

It’s Tuesday again, that day when my employer feels compelled to tie me up with some of my ties, Ty. I mean, buddy, I’ve got a terrifically shitty music blog to run for no compensation, I can’t be doing your work all fucking day…

But alas, I must, and I will. So to keep you busy for at least a little while, let’s roll on with our usual Tuesday department, Pullin’ ‘Tubes. We’ll start today’s edition off with everyone’s favorite coal miner Levon Helm and his band on Eddie Cochran’s oft-covered Summertime Blues. Sure it’s trite, but this one be good.


In honor of Levon, let’s just drawl on with the rest…

  • I like to call this one The Three Faces of Van the Man: Here Comes the Night > Turn On Your Lovelite (with Them in 1965), Gloria (with John Lee Hooker) and TB Sheets. Tell me that Van doesn’t look exactly like a combination of Detective Sipowicz and Sam Kinison in that Gloria video.
  • My jaw naturally descends every time I watch Joni Mitchell’s performance with The Band in The Last Waltz. Inevitably I’ll turn with mouth agape to the person in the room with me — or I’ll mumble to myself when I watch alone — and I’ll manage to squeak out, “They just don’t fucking write songs like this any more.” So take a look at one of the best examples of why unattractive women can still be sexy as fuck: No regrets, Coyote.
  • You may or may not have seen the video of an eager Bank of America employee singing One floating around the information superhighway last week. Hopefully you did, it’s that awful and good. Well, my hero David Cross and former Smith Johnny Marr performed a rousing rendition of the BofA One before the Modest Mouse show in New York City this weekend.
  • You know what they say about Neil Young playing Forever Young with the Grateful Dead? It doesn’t suck.
  • Oh dear lord, how have I never stumbled across this video one in my late-night YouTube travels and travails (I guess because it’s not tagged with “teen webcam,” but let’s not get too literal here)? If this clip is any indication, I’d listen to Leo Kottke and Doc Watson play together all day and night.

That should keep you bastard hooligans occupied until I get some free time… 

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