Pullin’ ‘Tubes: NBC Edition

The night before Halloween in the Year of Our Lord Nineteen Hundred Seventy-Six, Richie Manuel led The Band in an awe-inspiring rendition of Georgia On My Mind for a Saturday Night Live audience. It’s probably the most soulful thing I’ve ever seen a white man sing, and it’s high time we give this man his due…


Please, sir, more videos…more videos, sir, please, sir:

  • For my shekels, one of the greatest scenes in television history comes near the end of the third season finale of The West Wing, the episode titled Posse Comitatus. A local hood shoots Mark Harmon’s Simon Donovan Secret Service character in a New York City bodega while President Bartlet attends a Broadway show as part of a church fundraiser, and the rest of the scene follows Allison Janney’s C.J. Cregg as she finds out her recent love interest’s just been shot and killed. It’s a sad plot line, but it’s magnificently shot. Anyway, the song playing in the background is Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, performed brilliantly by Jeff Buckley. In honor, check out these cool versions of both tunes: Cohen & Buckley.
  • A conversation I had this evening with a fellow music fan turned to Maceo Parker and Prince, so upon returning home I consulted the almighty YouTube for the best footage I could find. Well, the video quality of this clip ain’t so hot, but the funk sure is. When Prince and Maceo tell you “We Gon’ Make It Funky,” you best believe ’em or risk being overfunkified.
  • Maceo segues smoothly into the Godfather of Soul. Incidentally, I always thought it would be funny for some accountant at Ernst & Young with a name like Moishe Schwartzberg to make business cards that say “Godfather of Soul” in place of the title. Ya know, see if anyone’s paying attention. Regardless of my fantasies, take a gander at this fantastic 80-second clip of Super Bad that really makes me want to befriend a lot more black people than I currently know.
  • Let’s dive into some cleverness…someone matched up Michael Jackson’s dancing on Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough with Steely Dan’s Hey Nineteen, and the end result is a particularly enjoyable mash-up. If it’s MJ, though, I think they should call this one Hey Thirteen.
  • Finally, a little video called My Pussy is Magic (safe for work).

So is mine, little lady, so is mine. In fact, all our pussies are magic.

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4 Responses

  1. Why didn’t you just post that clip of Manuel doing Little Red Corvette with Prince at the Skopje Music Fjest in 1983?

  2. Donnie, I set you up perfectly for the Richie Manuel “autoerotic asphyxiation” rant…and you didn’t knock it down? For shame.

    I’ve got that 1987 NYE show…pretty cool shit. If you read Miles’ autobiography, you’d think Prince was the greatest thing to ever come out of a vagina. I like the guy, but Miles thought he was the coolest motherfucker on the planet.

  3. How did you set me up? Merely by saying his name? You don’t go on a Mama Cass rant everytime I bring up a ham sandwich.

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