Grousing The Aisles VII: Go To Heaven


Tea Leaf Green 8/23/03 San Francisco SBD (FLAC, MP3, and STREAMING)

Tea Leaf Green has a softer side. And for a few acoustic gigs, the band displayed that facet of their work under the name Coffee Bean Brown (get it?). Overlooking the poor attempt at humor in the moniker, the show itself is actually an amazing performance that shows just how beautiful the band’s original songs are. It also features a sit-in from Andy Gadiel — he emcees the show and sings the band’s signature track Freedom. Coffee Bean Brown played three sets on this night, and each one is better than the last.

The Radiators 07/06/97 High Sierra SBD (FLAC, MP3, STREAMING)

I couldn’t go another week without selecting a Radiators show. The Rads are New Orleans’ version of the Grateful Dead, a band that has more than 300 originals and has played thousands of covers. Late night at High Sierra is always fun, and in 1997, they provided the soundtrack. Thanks to the Archive, you can check out The Radiators’ versions of Sneakin’ Sally, Watchtower, Guilded Splinters, and You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere.

The Rolling Stones 10/17/73 Belgium SBD (FLAC)

The self-proclaimed best band in rock and roll played one of the greatest shows in their history in Brussels, Belgium. Check out this crispy A++ soundboard from that fateful night, when everything went right.

My Morning Jacket 12/1/06 Philadelphia, PA FM SBD (FLAC)

If you aren’t familiar with My Morning Jacket and read Ace’s incredible review of the band’s concerts this past week, you probably want to check out their catalog. Start with this soundboard of Friday night’s concert at Philadelphia’s Electric Factory. If you like it, run out and buy Okonokos, one of the best DVD releases of the year.

Phish 5/2/93 Philadelphia, PA SBD (FLAC)

It’s not often new Phish comes into circulation so I couldn’t resist the opportunity to list the two amazing shows that have just been uploaded this week. The first entry is from the band’s second night of a two-night stand at the legendary Tower Theater. Of particular interest is the trainwreck version of Sleeping Monkey, tons of teases in the YEM, and an incredible version of Run Like An Antelope.

Phish 5/12/91 Burlington, VT DAUD (FLAC)

This second new show to circulation features Phish playing their last ever gig at Burlington’s The Front. Thanks for these two shows go out to imthemarmar who has been dropping incredible Phish releases on us for years. Tapers rule folks, don’t ever forget that in these days of downloading soundboards. You might be shocked to know some of us actually had to trade for shows, and couldn’t just download them two days later. Back to the show at hand, and this amazing show has not been heard by nearly enough people. The Mike’s Groove is one of the most unique versions ever with The Dude of Life adding all sorts of verses to Mike’s Song and Page playing I Am Hydrogen on a cheap casio keyboard. Dave “The Truth” Grippo also adds some sax to the mix for a number of songs. Trust me and go download this important show in Phish history.

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  1. I am so glad this show is finally circulating. On May 2, 1993, I – then just a mildly lukewarm JackWaterito – had a decision to make: Study for finals or go see The Phish at Tower. I chose the latter (especially after seeing them the night before at Tower). At this show, Trey completely stops Sleeping Monkey and apologizes to Tom Marshall, who was in the crowd. The Thanksgiving before, I had seen him completely stop Lizards – TWICE – and then apologize to his grandfather, who was in the audience. I figured this was just part of the *ahem* “Phish Schtick”. But alas, it wasn’t. Fore the next time I saw them, they made it through an entire show without stopping to apologize to friends and family. So that’s my story. The moral is: Don’t Do Drugs. But DO download this very fun show.

  2. That MMJ was the best show I’ve seen all year… plug: my review is here

    And Chilly, which Thanksgiving shows are you referring to? 92 in Port Chester? I certainly don’t remember any botched Lizards from those shows… I could be wrong, though.

  3. Chilly’s right, I know that botched Lizards well…I wasn’t there or anything, and it’d be awesome if I were, but I used to listen to it quite a bit (for some weird reason). It was on my “Band From VT” playlist on my old iPod for a while, and it always somehow came up in rotation.

  4. I’d hate to think I was wrong, so I checked, and we’re obviously thinking about different shows, because they didn’t even play Lizards at the shows I’m talking about. I’ll assume he’s talking about the night before Thanksgiving and I’m talking about the Fri & Sat shows afterward. And we can both walk away old and bothered…

    Now THAT was some fun Phish (, someone hit me with a link to download that nonsense… come on, link me, Hidden Track, now!!

  5. Yes, indeed I am referencing the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving at the Keswick Theatre. That night…they ROCKED Glenside!

  6. I believe the Thanksgiving show being referenced is from 11/25/92 at the Keswick Theater…..that was a fun show. And for those who follow bt.etree, keep your eyes open starting on the 13th of December…..LOTS of previously uncirculated goodies will be showing up.

    Who’s the Marmar?

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