Happy Ninth Anniversary, Dayton

My dear friend TJ in OH would probably kick me in the junk if I didn’t at least link to a stream of what he likes to call “THE show of THE tour” today. I mean, does it get better than AC/DC Bag > Psycho Killer > Jesus Left Chicago to start things off at the Ervin J. Nutter Center? Yeah, I guess I’d take it. Tube jam, motherfucker.

For Download: Grab the whole 12/7/97 show from etree here…

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  1. No mention of the Boogie On but out? I mean, there’s not a throw away in the whole show (Swept Away>Steep gets a free pass due to being the meat in the Ice sandwich). Phish loves Dayton, and I love Dr. Cowboy for recognizing 12/7’s greatness.

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