Outsourced Podcasts, Vol. II

As I said last week, “I recently coaxed my good friend over at Newmradio to create some podcasts with the Hidden Track audience in mind, especially since he’s been doing it anyway on his own for years now. The real beauty of this non-fluid exchange, though, is that Newman and I share a love of Phish, and just about nothing else. And in my quest to broaden my musical horizons and conjure up some new music for the iPod, Newman’s podcasts have been an invaluable kick in the ass.”


This one comes with a note from the creator: “I heard that first song today and had to share it with people asap! The rest just came naturally…make sure to hear that Oliver Nelson song…if you like jams in any kind of way.” Go get ’em:

Tracklist and Link for NewmRadio Podcast: Totally Safe For Work

Me Saw Me Momma- Kevin Blechdom
Cornbread Red- Ween
New Blue Moon- Traveling Wilburies
Words From The Wise- Gentle Giant
Patterns- Oliver Nelson
North Star- Robert Fripp with Daryl Hall
You Look Good In Rags- Alice Cooper
Ashtray Heart- Capt. Beefheart & the Magic Band
Needles In the Camel’s Eye- Brian Eno

Previously on HT: Outsourced Podcasts, Vol. I

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