Live Phish: 12/29/97

There has been a bunch of chatter on the message boards lately about an announcement from the Phish organization. We seem to have our answer, as today the band has put up a show from December 29th, 1997 for download on Live Phish. This terrific show from Madison Square Garden features amazing versions of classics such as Run Like An Antelope, David Bowie, and Possum.

While I personally like the next night’s show a little better, 12/29/97 is a high-energy rock show that has always been underrated. Nice work Phish! Now go spend a year practicing and blow everyone’s mind in 2008.

12-29-97 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

1: NICU-> Golgi Apparatus-> Crossroads, Cars Trucks Buses, Train Song, Theme From the Bottom-> Fluffhead, Dirt, Run Like an Antelope

2: Down With Disease*-> David Bowie%-> Possum-> I Can’t Turn You Loose^-> Possum#, Tube**, You Enjoy Myself

E: Good Times Bad Times

*Nonstandard ending; with Mike and Trey solos. %With “James Bond Theme” and “Run Like an Antelope” teases. ^A jam, from this song often associated with the “Blues Brothers,” but truly an Otis Redding cover. #”I Can’t Turn You Loose” reprised after “Possum.” **With a lengthy “I Can Feel the Earth Move” segment.

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  1. 12/30 was certainly a “special” type of Phish show, almost of a “you had to be there variety,” but I think the actual playing during that second set is some of the best I’ve ever seen/heard.

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