12/29/97 Available in Both Video and Audio

As we previously reported last week, Phish’s 12/29/97 concert is indeed the next show to be released as part of the Live Phish download series. For whatever reason the original link became inactive for awhile, but today, both the audio and video are now available for download. Get to it.

If the free audio clips are any indication, the sound on this release is top notch. As far as the video goes, it would be great if it was in a more DVD-friendly format than mp4, but I guess we takes what we can gets, right? Sadly, though, video of the Good Times, Bad Times encore is unavailable, probably because Robert Plant hates The Phish (I made that up, but I bet it’s true).

Related link: Check out Kevin Shapiro’s essay on 12/29/97.

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