The Year In Melting Your Face

We don’t plug shit from the parent company often, so when we do youse should all probably assume it’s something special. Read the fucking book.

Glide Magazine today published its 4th Annual Best of 2006: From the Artists’ Perspective, a comprehensive look at the year that was from the people you pay to entertain you. It’s worth taking some time and combing through, and if you don’t think so, I may be forced to take a hammer to your right thumb. Jeez, I’m sorry, don’t know where that came from.

Here are some unrelated items I thought I’d mention today…

  • I just got back from Rocky Balboa, and I gotta say, the whole thing’s quite believable and completely worth the price of admission. It could definitely be subtitled The Rocky Monologues for all the sage advice he doles out to himself and others throughout, but the main premise totally works, and the formula still carries the weight (adversity > reflection > finding friends > reflection > training scene > big fight as the underdog > respect everywhere > teary-eyed ending). Stick with what works, and you know what, there was no better way to tie up this franchise neatly. After the fifth installment, I equate this one to a Phish reunion at MSG that brings me back into the roll and makes me forget about Coventry. Grade: B+/A-
  • My buddy’s band celebrates its CD release at Crash Mansion tonight, so come on by if you’ve got no plans, or break your plans because you know you hate that person anyway. Negative Ken takes the stage at 10, but I’m told the first 50 people get a free copy of the disc. I might have made that up.
  • While we’re on the topic of bands you should see, a new group just shimmied up to the top of my list for Must See in 2007: Hampton Comes Unglued. Fronted by the vagina-obsessed Razzle and Dazzle, the band’s back-up musicians include some of rock’s heavyweights from Ween and Bisco, along with names like Russo and Metzger and Skerik. I haven’t seen ’em yet, but I heard they literally played six gigs in one day earlier this month. Be on the lookout for these ladies when they come to your town.

And be on the lookout for My Year In Pictures some time soon…look alive.

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