Nancy Pelosi Is the New Bill Graham

Update: Click here for some video and photo sets from the Pelosi Jam

Anybody got a thousand bucks for a heady heady trade, brah? The new Speaker of the House is trying to show up Uncle Bobo. Vendors get your shit together, showgoers prepare your tuxedos and classiest gowns (with shoes, folks). It sure ain’t the Fillmore, but on January 4th, Nancy Pelosi Presents:


The House Democratic Leadership & The House Democratic Caucus
For a Celebration Concert Honoring Speaker Nancy Pelosi with special musical performances by Tony Bennett, Carole King, and Wyclef Jean…

And your house band featuring Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Bob Weir, Bruce Hornsby, Warren Haynes, Mike Gordon, and special guests…With special appearances by Amy Brenneman and Richard Gere

Wow, what a special press release for a special night — they’ve really got some world-class writers publicizing this event. The repetition of specialness aside, it sounds like some loaded lobbyists, career politicians and lucky rich folks will be gettin’ down to a dream lineup. But I’m left with so many questions: What’s on the menu for this thing? Phatty grilled cheese? Veggie burritos? Jerry rolls? What’s Richard Gere gonna do? An astounding gerbil act? Will patrons take one look at Warren and become confused by thinking this a benefit for the homeless?

Since I’m not wealthy, I live in New York and I don’t care all that much for our new Speaker, I’ll just wait for the AUDs to circulate instead. I hear Senator Dick Durbin and Congressman Rahm Emanuel are tapers extraordinaire.

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