Tuesday’s Hors d’Oeuvres: Setlist Fever


1 Jeff Coffin on Saxophone
2 Jeff Coffin (Saxophone), Michael “Mad Dog” Mavridoglou (Trumpet), Chris Neal (Saxophone) and Brent Sanders (Trombone)
3 Taj Mahal On Guitar/Vocals
4 First Time Played (Steely Dan)
5 Andy and Brendan On Vocals ; First Time Played (From a recent SNL Commercial with Justin Timberlake)
6 ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’ Teases


12/31/06 Tweeter Center at the Waterfront, Camden, NJ

with Shpongle and Keller Williams. Also featuring Hallucinogen, Younger Brother and Prometheus in the Twisted Tent.
Set I: Astronaut, The Great Abyss> Spacebirdmatingcall> 421 2> Spacebirdmatingcall, Trucker’s Choice
Set II: Paul Revere3, Bazaar Escape4> We’re Not Gonna Take It3 5> Helicopters> Bazaar Escape> Munchkin Invasion> Basis For A Day> Bazaar Escape> Basis For A Day, Caterpillar, Therapy> Orch Theme3> Therapy
Encore: Spaga

1 Inverted
2 with Simon Posford
3 1st time played
5 ending only(Listening to you…)



12/31/06 Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO
Futureman String Band opened
Entire show with Darol Anger on fiddle. Futureman on drums for sets 2 and 3, and Steam Powered Areoplane encore.
Set I: Idaho, Fastball> Sometimes I’ve Won> On the Run> I’d Like Off1> Too Late Now> Finally Saw The Light> On the Run, Rain Still Falls1, Romance Blues, Steep Grade Sharp Curves
Set II: Classic Situation, Fingerprint1, 2 Hits and The Joint Turned Brown, The Ewie Wi’ The Crookit Horn, Cuckoo’s Nest, 8 Cylinders, How ‘Bout You?, Andre De Sabato Nuovo1, Wind’s On Fire, Girlfriend Is Better
Set III: Ooh La La1, King Ebenezer Rap> Midwest Gospel Radio, Boatman2
Encore: The Bolton Stretch, Steam Powered Aereoplane

1 First time played
2 Iko Iko tease


moe. (via boxscores)
12/31/06 Radio City Music Hall, New York NY

Set I: Godzilla, Moth, Blue Jeans and Pizza, Spine of a Dog > Lazarus

Set II: Bullet > The Pit, She Sends Me, Nebraska, Time Ed > Wind It Up

Set III: Not Coming Down > Wormwood > NYE Countdown > New York City, Buster, Kids, Sensory Deprivation Bank > Recreational Chemistry

Enc: Letter Home, McBain > Down Boy

(mp3 copy of Rob Clarke’s Soundboard recording via Hadley)




WIDESPREAD PANIC (via setlist.com)

12/31/06 (Sun) Phillips Arena – Atlanta, GA
Set 1: From The Cradle, Who Do You Belong To?, Wondering, Wish You Were Here, Driving Song, Expiration Day, Down, Ribs & Whiskey
Set 2: Bowlegged Woman > Surprise Valley > Good People > Imitation Leather Shoes, Airplane > Second Skin, Let’s Get Down To Business
Set 3: I Cant Stop Loving You***, Love Tractor > Pigeons > Jam > You Should Be Glad, Barstools & Dreamers > Fixen To Die*** > Chily Water > ction Man
E: May Your Glass Be Filled, Last Dance, Ain’t Life Grand
Comment: (jb acoustic 1st set except for Expiration Day and Down) *** w/ col Bruce Hampton



12/31/06 House of Blues, Atlantic City, NJ
Set I: Drifting, Simple Twist Up Dave, Sweet Dreams Melinda, Peaches En Regalia> Air Said To Me, Last Tube, Cayman Review, A Case Of Ice And Snow, First Tube
Set II: Buried Alive, Plasma, Mr. Completely> Auld Lang Syne> Wanna Be Startin Somethin> Gotta Jibboo, Low
Set III: Curlew’s Call, Small Axe, The Landlady, Flock of Words, Shadow, Money Love and Change
Encore: The Inlaw Josie Wales1, Makisupa Policeman,1 Sample In A Jar,1

(mp3 version of Jesse Hurlbut’s recording)

12/31/06 Theatre of Living Arts — Philly

I: Country Seduction, Panspermic > IIWFT$> De-evolution, Rapture, Hotdog, Been So long, TTBP, Gasaholic

II: New Years Countdown > Get on Up, Have a Drink, Franz, One Reason, Tequila, Truck Stop Sally (Piss it Away was played at some point), Sex in the 70s (Trenchtown rock), Can You Guess It > Deathcake> Can You Guess It, Flippin the Bird, G3, I’ve Got a Feelin

E: Georgie P

THE SLIP (via superdee)

The Slip – 12/31/06 Northsix, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Meowskers opened
(pretty darn sure this is accurate)

Set I:
Children of December
Airplane / Primitive
I Want to Get to Heaven Before I die (w/Meowskers)
Meowskers/Slip chant > NYE
Auld Lang Syne (meow meow meow meow meow meow…)
Eube (2nd half)
Weight of Solomon (new version! Brad on guitar! Rock Solomon!)
Wine and White Soda
Even Rats
I Hate Love
Dear Melina

Set II:
All I Saw Was You
Soft Machine
Changes (Bowie)
Paperbirds (w/ Love is a Battlefield quotes)
There’s A Lie (?)
Wolof (w/ guest drummer named Dana I think)
It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll) – AC/DC cover
> Poor Boy > Long Way to the Top…

What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace Love and Understanding (Elvis Costello cover)


12/31/06 (Sun) Orpheum Theater – Memphis, TN
Set 1: On The Bus, Goin Down South, Had My Way, The Meeting, Shake What Yo Mama Gave You, Mean Ol’ Wind Died Down, Bang Bang Lulu, Eyes, Sugartown, No Mo > Shimmy She Wobble > Station Blues > Preachin Blues > Psychedelic Sex Machine > Preachin Blues, Hear My Train A Comin’, Soldier, Teasin’ Brown, Snake Drive, Po Black Maddie > Skinny Woman > Po Black Maddie, Whole Lotta Shakin Goin’ On, Mystery Train

12.31.06 New York, NY – Beacon Theater
Set 1
Thorazine Shuffle
Larger Than Life
She Said, She Said->
Tomorrow Never Knows
Whiter Shade Of Pale
Painted Silver Light
So Weak, So Strong

Set 2 “Dub Side Of The Mule”
Play With Fire Gordie Johnson on guitar
Unring The Bell Gordie Johnson on guitar
I’m A Ram Gordie Johnson on guitar
with Toots Hibbert^
Hard To Handle
True Love Is Hard To Find
Pressure Drop
Let Down
Dreams To Remember
Reggae Got Soul
Happy Mule Year!
Turn On Your Lovelight with Sean Pelton on Drums
Reggae Soulshine without Toots

^”Dub Side Of The Mule” guest artists
Gordie Johnson: Guitar & Vocals
Machan: Vocals
Elaine Caswell: Vocals
Buford O’Sullivan: Trombone
Pam Fleming: Trumpet
Jenny Hill: Saxophone
Sean Pelton: Percussion

Set 3

Gregg Allman & Friends
Sweet Feeling
Just Like A Woman

Feel So Bad 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Dreams 2, 5, 6, 7, 9
A Million Miles From Yesterday 1, 3, 4
Endless Parade 1, 3, 4
It’s A Man’s World 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man 1

It Hurts Me Too 1, 5, 6, 7, 8
Goin’ Out West 1, 5, 6, 7, 8

Artist Key
1: Gordie Johnson
2: Gregg Allman
3: Machan
4: Elaine Caswell
5: Buford O’Sullivan
6: Pam Fleming
7: Jenny Hill
8: John Popper
9: Jay Collins

Gregg Allman & Friends:
Gregg Allman: Keys & Vocals
Val McCallum: Guitar
Jeremy Jemmott: Bass
Steve Potts: Drums
Jay Collins: Saxophone
Neil Larsen: Keys


PERPETUAL GROOVE (via pgroove.com)

The Music Farm
Charleston, SC

I: No Decorations, Teakwood Betz, So Much As Goodbye, Legends Of Preston, Get Down Tonight

II: Two Shores, Glock Jam&>Auld Lang Syne>Save For One* Mayday* Three Weeks, The March Of Gibbles Army, Crapshoot, Decepticon Structure, Out Here, Speed Queen

E: Only Always, Bulls On Parade

&with Wilco-Spiders (Kidsmoke) tease
*First Time Played.


RAQ (via bt.etree.org)
12/31/06 Visulite Theater, Charlotte NC

I: Shout It Out Loud ~> Walking In Circles, Clamslide, One Of These Days, Forget Me Not, Sucked Up The Chute ~> I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide, Carbohydrates

II: Brother ~> The Ventriliquist, Will Run ~> Tone ~> Will Run, Late Night ~> countdown ~> Auld Lang Syne ~> Late Nite, celebration, Time Bomb, Back To The Head, Tumblin ~> Mishreddi Solo ~> Bootch Magoo

Quick & Painless ~> Wish You Were Here ~> Tunnel Vision ~> Whipping Post, Glimpse, Dont Let Go, Circumstance ~> Quick & Painless

E: Said & Done

DEREK TRUCKS BAND (via bt.etree.org)
12/31/06 – The Fox Theater, Atlanta GA
I: Don’t Do It**, Volunteered Slavery > I’ll Find My Way, Soul Serenade, Mahjoun > Greensleeves, Sailing On, Sweet Virginia**, Stand Back, Key To The Highway

II: Are You Ready? > New Year’s countdown by Kirk West > balloon drop > I Want To Take You Higher, Will It Go Round In Circles, Only You Know and I Know, Walk A Mile In My Shoes, Anyday
E: The Weight

* entire show with The Rockin’ Horns
Paul Garrett, trumpet; Kevin Hyde, trombone; Mace Hibbard, sax
** and entire second set – w/ Susan Tedeschi

Other guests included Duane Trucks — drums, Tinsley Ellis — guitar, Ron Holloway — tenor sax, and Ike Stubblefield — keys

U-MELT  (via boxscores)

12/31/06 Knitting Factory, New York NY

I: 415 > Escape > Schizophrenia > 1979*, Human Compass, Panacea > Elysian Fields

II: Moving Day, Marvin The Pussy, Green Amber > Red Star
E: Perfect World > Eclipse* > Through The Prism**

Enc: Perfect World > Eclipse* > Through the Prism**

Notes: * First time played. ** Completes 12/29 version.


Mike and Dean over at Jambands have been posting reports from many different New Year’s Eve gigs including this one about MMJ:

Shortly before its New Year’s Eve performance at San Francisco’s Fillmore Auditorium, My Morning Jacket posted the following message on its homepage:

…It is the year 2006, almost 2007, and its new years eve…. a huge party of revelers will come to the fillmore, expecting a my morning jacket concert, but instead they’ll be faced with the most difficult and bizarre task of their lives: crossing thru a barren, snow-covered wilderness with no food or shelter, and only the clothes on their backs. those who make it thru the stark wasteland will come out on the other side to experience the heavenly magic of rock and roll, breaking into the new year with a belly full of food and drink, a heart full of courage, and ears bleeding with the raw, moist intensity and power of sticky rock and roll. please come dressed accordingly to make the trip: as a ghost, a gold prospector, a riverboat gambler, laura ingalls, a gypsy, a hobo, a bloodthirsty zombie, a box of cookies, a robot, a buffalo, a prairie daddy or mamma, a bear or whatever you may think you need to help you make it thru the wilderness -its “oregon trail” meets “little house on the prairie” meets the donner party of 2007- in hell!!! on new years eve!!! will anyone make it out alive???? happy (almost) new years!!!! -mmj.

And, indeed, My Morning Jacket’s three-night run at the Fillmore blurred the line between club-size arena-rock and full on performance art. Nodding to its new live album, Okonokos, which was recorded at the Fillmore last year, My Morning Jacket opened its December 29 performance with an acoustic version of “Into the Woods” (the group also dressed its stage as a forest the night it recorded Okonokos’). On December 30, the band entered in procession, led by someone in a bear costume, carrying a battery powered candlestick which served as an onstage prop the previous night. The group offered two sets on New Year’s Eve, opening its performance with the It Still Move’s single, “One Big Holiday.” At midnight, the group brought their bear character back on stage, this time introduced as the mayor of San Francisco to led their New Year’s countdown. After midnight, My Morning Jacket busted into Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration” and Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long” with the aid of the Deerland Horns. The group’s string of covers continued throughout its second set, including Prince’s “Never Take the Place of Your Man” and AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell.” Bassist Two-Tone Tommy took a rare stab at lead vocals on the latter number, while his guitar technician played bass dressed as Pocahontas. My Morning Jacket will appear at San Diego, CA’s House of Blues tonight.

How was your New Year’s Eve? What did you do?

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3 Responses

  1. Ekoostik Hookah
    12/31/2006 – Lifestyles Comunities Pavilion – Columbus, OH

    Set 1:
    Loopers Din>
    Sugar Jam>
    Sister Sugar
    Dont Let Your Deal Go Down
    Way of the World
    My Old Friend

    Set 2:
    The Devil and Me
    Life is Good
    Suite Judy Blue Eyes
    Deal With It
    Here Today>
    Keepin Time>
    Gone Tomorrow
    Ballad of Sam McCulley
    Beachhead Dreamer
    E Whole Lotta Love
    *w Mike Perkins

    here is a photo I took at the show:

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