Allmans Back at the Beacon: Trucks Is In

This post has been updated since its original publication…new information has come to light, maaan. That’s what we call follow-fucking-through.

The Allman Brothers Band have officially announced its annual 744-show run at New York’s Beacon Theater for late March and early April. And while Bill Walton will almost certainly be there on all NCAA Tournament off days, the better question for ticket-buyers is, will Derek Trucks be there?

Caught in a tug o’ war between two loving parents, it’ll be interesting to see whether Trucks ends up peakin’ at the Beacon with the Allmans or on tour with Eric Clapton for a little Derek & the Dominos Redux. Both bands have surprisingly scheduled their tours for the same time, and Clapton’s group will be on stage out west for nine of the Allmans’ 13 Beacon shows.

So what’s it gonna be, Derek? The Allmans or The Slowhand Allstars? I’m sure the official word won’t be forthcoming until after the January 6th on-sale date, but we’re guessing the ponytail will be hangin’ Derek and Eric style come March.


Derek’s website has just answered our reasonable query: “The second leg of the US/Canada Eric Clapton tour has been announced including on-sale ticket information (first dates going on sale Dec 2). Derek will continue to tour as part of Clapton’s stellar band in 2007 for all dates through March 18 but unfortunately not the last three weeks of the tour due to scheduling conflicts.”

On another note, check out this post from the ABB forum: “I heard on Q104.3 this morning that ALL TICKETS IN THE FRONT 10 ROWS are being sold ONLY through ticketmaster’s phone line (the Madison Square Garden one, I believe). Maybe they are wrong, but if they are right, for all wanting good tickets, hope this is helpufl. It certainly helps get rid of the scalpers. I personally like the idea.”

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