Apparently Xanax, Percocet, and Vicodin weren’t the only drugs Trey possessed upon his December arrest for driving while drugging. WNYT in Albany is reporting that police found heroin in the former 70 Volt Parade guitarist’s automobile:

Ernest “Trey” Anastasio, the lead singer of the rock-jam band Phish, was in court in Whitehall Wednesday for his arraignment on misdemeanor drug charges. The 42-year-old musician was smiling as he left court with his wife and children by his side.

But NewsChannel 13 has learned Anastasio had heroin in his car and it appears the district attorney is ready to up the charges against the former Phish front man to a felony.

On the positive side, it’s nice to see Trey accompanied by his wife and two daughters at his arraignment, a sign that the family that sticks together…I actually don’t know how to finish that sentence. Hopefully Big Red goes to rehab and gets himself cleaned up, emerging one day soon to write the follow-up to Junta. The other option is going to jail and getting bent over and Buffalo Bill’d.

Make sure to watch the video in that WNYT link above, it’s probably the most surreal thing we’ve ever seen: Watching Trey leave the courthouse with his family — not even squirrel turds are nuttier than that shit. It’s like a spoof.

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6 Responses

  1. wow thats crazy lol

    i must say its hard to believe, and yet not that hard at the same time.. i mean jerry got busted with heroin.. so why not trey too lol

    and it came from a ‘police source’ which very well could be some dumb fool that works in the police station in the little village there that doesnt know what he/she’s talking about or just wants to give something juicy to the news….. but who knows.. it could be true…

    and of course everyone is gonna think.. omg trey inject heroin.. when its probably more likely that he would just be smoking it.. like theres all sorts of people who think john lennon injected.. but he states in many interviews that he & yoko only smoked it.. cause ‘when your surrounded by bastards’ crazy shit happens.. lol

    but in either case.. trey still speaks the language of god thru his fingers.. and in the end thats all that matters to me..

    i was reading something the otherday about a ‘huge phish phan’ that said all this bad stuff bout trey.. that he’s a horrible role model now.. wtf.. cause he does drugs?.. has this person ever been to a phish show??


  2. This really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone.
    In the words of my parents, “We’re not mad, we’re just disapointed.”

    I hope he gets well before he does something real stupid.

    After all, drugs are bad…. mmmmmkay.

  3. I don’t think anyone’s really shocked…I was more surprised that the initial reports *didn’t* have any info about harder drugs. I love when people get all high and mighty about it, as if it’s shocking news that the former frontman of the most successful jamband of its generation that has openly admitted to drug use got caught with something.

    Trey is the new Mark McGuire.

  4. I had a whole sweet blog on this, but I decided not to post it. Instead, I’ll just say this: I tend to think that joking about your addiction isn’t funny, it’s sad. Unless you’re Richard Pryor. And that ended well, right?

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