Monday’s Hors D’Oeuvres

I’m only at about 40 percent today following a fun weekend in Boston and my watching the Super Bowl last night. The first set was fun, but the real highlight was Prince’s guitar playing on a terrific medley that finished with a rousing performance of Purple Rain during a downpour.

I wish today was a national holiday, but at least I can share some interesting news and videos from around Al Gore’s Internet:

Have you read any interesting articles that I’ve missed? Kick it down, so we can all get down. And welcome back, Ace — I’m exhausted.

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  1. Here, Here. That TLG tour looks strong to quite strong. My only gripe is no Greyboy late night at Langerado. Only one act on Sunday night, C’MON!

  2. I’m all over The Tea Leaf Green like Rex Grossman’s semen on a Playmate’s chest (What? Too much?).

    By the way, I LOVE adding errant “The”s before band names. Bill Graham was a big fan (big fan) of doing this. “Ladies and gentlemen…The Jefferson Airplane” or “Please welcome…The Quicksilver Messenger Service.” I also enjoy – to a lesser extent – taking away “The”s from band names. “I love Killers”, I’d say. Or “You like guitarists who look like Edward Scissorhands, too? You should check out White Stripes.”

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