Filler: Can’t Get Rid of Me That Quickly

Take a bow, Scotty, you’ve just done a week of yeoman’s work. Yes, whatever they do or whatever they did, you’ve just worked like a yeoman: Many thanks for a full half-fortnight of solid posting while your ol’ pal Ace embarked on a trip of a lifetime to football fantasy camp, my first ever trans-Atlantic jaunt to a soccer paradise across the pond with our friends that loved to tax the tea.

I’m back, though probably not better than ever. I’m sure it’s like riding a bike, but I’m a bit rusty and have no idea what went on in this country over the past eight days (besides a rainy Super Bowl, truly ironic considering I didn’t see a drop of precipitation at five separate soccer matches spanning a week over in supposedly rain-soaked England in late January). So what the hell happened here? About what am I supposed to know and care? Did I miss as many Norbit commercials as I think?

So while youse take the time to re-educate me and release me back into the wild, here’s a nice filler video to remind you of the days on which we like to do nothing but waste time on the Big Bossman’s dime. I knew Kevin Bacon was a head:


This clever YouTube user chap mudderbug has made a few of these already, so feel free to get in there and check out Travolta struttin’ his stuff to Sand and The Breakfast Club freakin’ it up in the ’80s to Chalk Dust Torture.

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