New Guitar Hero II-Like Game Rumor

Just when you thought there was no way to become more addicted to guitar-controlled video games, Destructoid is reporting a hip new rumor about Red Octane’s ingenious plans to attack to your anti-procrastinatory impulses.


According to the gamer culture website’s weekend scoop:

Marcus and Red Octane appear to have another plan. He told us that they are currently in the design stages of something a little more complicated. Something with more frets and strings. Yep, it sounds like Red Octane is developing a full-fledged game that will teach you to play an actual guitar! He gave us a line, and we all found it delightful: “Once you’re done playing with your toys [the current GH guitars], you come see us.” He said they have plans to teach people not only how to play, but to make their own songs and share them across the tubes and challenge each other. I assume this is all very early in design, but as one of those guys that picked up a real guitar after playing Guitar Hero, I was stoked to hear this news.  

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