moe. Believes the Children are Our Future

moe. is sponsoring a girls’ basketball team, according to this blog entry from the band’s guitarist Al Schnier. Like any good sponsor, moe. has picked up the costs for a team of 4th to 6th graders from the Wood Road Elementary School in Ballston Spa, NY. Drummer Vinnie Amico’s daughter Marley is a member of the squad. I’m betting this team takes the same exact shots every night…

We would like to see more jambands reach out to the Future Heady Jambrahs and Jambrahettes of America in such a productive manner. This also marks the first time the word “girls” has been linked to anything involving moe.

On a more serious note, the indiejamwhatevs rockers are currently on the road in support of The Conch and will be playing Buffalo’s Town Ballroom this evening.

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  1. As a Hidden Track contest, we definitely need to send a rabid crew of moe. fans to a game against a big Wood Road rival — these fans will be holding signs, screaming obsenities at kids, selling bunk molly to parents and phatty grilled cheese in the elementary school lots. It’ll be awesome.

  2. Hopefully some other bands could get in on the act and we can truly live out our “my band could beat up your band” fantasies

  3. The fact that this team isn’t called “Recreational Chemistry” makes me think that someone is not doing their job.

    And as for the team taking “the same exact shots every night”, I’d second that. But I’d also like to add that something tells me they’ll need A LOT of work on their “transition” offense.

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