Seinfeld’s Corner: Sour Grape Nuts

…You open it up: No grapes, no nuts. But plenty of sour grapes from us today:

What’s the deal with Levon Helm’s fucking me with his over-accommodative scheduling? The drawling drummer responded to high demand for his sold-out show at New York’s Beacon Theater by adding a second datethe night before our show. What the shit, dude? I bought $100 tickets at 9:00:01 am and now I’m getting sloppy seconds? I’m all for more shows, but as an early buyer and amateur town crier, aren’t I entitled to right of first reacharound? I think I am.

What’s the deal with all you communists missing the boat on Langerado this year? Beautiful Florida Spring Break weather in March, three days and nights of cross-genre festival music mayhem and a civilized 15,000-person, laid-back atmosphere — and this thing’s not sold out? The bill’s huge this year: Controversial Trey, My Morning Jacket, Stevie Malkmus, MMW, Greyboy, Bela, Tea Leaf, Girl Talk, Cat Power, Panic, moe., Band of Horses, Toots, Biscuits, Sharon Jones, and so many more good bands it’s scary. Hipsters, hippies: You’re silly; just go.

What’s the deal with MOFRO‘s surreptitious name change? All of a sudden every bill calls these guys J.J. Grey & MOFRO, bringing the frontman to the top of his own marquee. It’s curious, at best, although I like it because now I can walk around their shows asking, “Don’t you like these guys much more since J.J. joined the band?” and count just how many people agree with me. That’ll be good times.

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  1. Good call on the Langerado. I set my alarm early on the day they went on sale and stumbled to my computer with a mad brandy-and-eggnog hangover. I thought that would make me part of some sort of rage-brah brotherhood. Instead all I got for my timeliness was Disco Biscuits and STS9 late-night tickets, camping passes, and an overdraft fee from my bank.

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