I expect no sympathy, but it was tough reacclimating to work following a week in the United Kingdom for five soccer matches. At least I can claim posting on this here rag certainly provided me a solid escapist outlet. This week marked our most prolific to date, with 22 posts published in six days. Here’s a sample of what you may or may not have missed in the rushing onslaught of frivolous crap…

Beatles Ford Billy
Nothing happened with these three dead guys…just a cool pic, no?

Levon Helm announced a couple shows at the Beacon Theater, Trey blamed a lotta shit on Page at a live interview at the Y, SXSW rolled out an initial artist lineup featuring Holy Fuck and Holy Shit! (and The Silver Jews will officially become documentary subjects as a film about them debuts at SXSW), Prince exuded machismo at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Sharon Osbourne pulled an anti-Marie Antoinette and declared Ozzfest will be free, moe. sponsored a girls’ basketball team, Ron Artest wants to go on String Cheese tour and malnourish dogs, The Slip sparked controversy with an appearance on Conan, Oysterhead videos hit the Bonnaroo site, The B List caused a commenter named Art to make outlandish statements about bassists, Pullin’ ‘Tubes made fun of a capella bands, and like Anne Heche, but for just a little while, Grousing The Aisles went All Ladies.

And while you’ve been catching up on that shit, I just stole your watch. I’m quick.

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