Morning Listening: Apollo Sunshine

As part of our continued effort to geek everyone up about underrated artists we can’t wait to see down at Langerado next month, today we’ll sneak a peek into the Apollo Sunshine archive and get particularly geeky. Sadly I missed this trio of Berkelee gents at this year’s NYC Freaks’ Ball, but redemption is only one month away under the chicken soup-infused blanket of warmth that is Florida.

These guys are an interesting case. I’m not really into any specific, singular genre that Apollo Sunshine could be pigeonholed into (pop? punk? noise?). But draw a Venn diagram of their sound and I’m really diggin’ that shaded spot in the center where all the sets meet. They’ve got me. The sum of their sounds really proves that whole “parts” adage true. Meanwhile, I apologize for throwing the concept of Venn diagrams into a post at all, let alone this early in the morning.


So without further (Freddy) ado, let’s jump back to Brooklyn’s McCarren Park Pool. Here’s some badder-than-hot Live Music Archive tuneage from Apollo Sunshine’s opening set before Beirut and Deerhoof on August 13, 2006:

That oughta keep you scoundrels occupado for a little bit while Daddy works… 

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  1. If you like KC and the Sunshine Band, cheap rip offs of Wilco tunes, 45-minute sound checks, pointless riff wanking, beards and 10 minute songs with no hooks, this is the band for you.

    Proof that anyone can get a deal if they project the right image.

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