Comedy Break: Rogan Schools Mencia

We’re aware this is a music blog first and foremost, but we’d like to present this not-so-funny clip about sparring comedians in this here space. And after all, the over-arching issue at hand, idea theft, has plagued the music community forever.

I’ve been following the Joe Rogan/Carlos Mencia feud since the get-go, and it’s a doozy. Rogan accuses Mencia of stealing jokes and Mencia does his level best to deny the charge and call him names in return. The feud finally came to a head this past weekend, with both men on the Comedy Store stage taking shots.


I can’t stand Mencia, and knowing that Rogan’s been a Taekwondo black belt since he was a teenager, I was hoping Carlos was gonna try and be a hero and throw a punch. That woulda been some serious martials arts pwnage.

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  1. ‘pwnage’ is a way of showing that HiddenTrack is in tune with the fact that you have to appeal to a cross-section of online demographics. In this case, the current neo-nerd-hipster crowd.

    ‘pwnage’ is a hacker-speak play on ‘ownage’ which is a twist on ‘owned’ which is meant to imply the ownership of someone through embarassment.

  2. Yeah Monk, way to continue the raising of the educational bar here on Hidden Track. I’m sensing a trend here, Acer, & I like it. Oh yeah, Ned’s definitely a tool, and Rogan apparently rules. So much so, that I’m totally gonna become his myspace friend.

  3. I hope it’s somewhat clear that my usage of “pwnage” is written with the most hipsterish of ironies. I just think it’s possibly the funniest Internet creation outside the Peanut Butter Jelly Time banana. Classic.

    I will continue to use it, and now with more frequency since I’ve been called out on it.

  4. And now I’ve been pwned by mih77, damn! Ace — there is no way to use that without “the most hipsterish of ironies,” although we’re getting close to post-hip which is related to post-Jam, I believe….

  5. Inadvertent pwnage, my friend. To recap: Neddy rules, Ned “Carlos Mencia” Holness is a tool. Finally, can we start spelling post jam as P057 J4M? Remember, you saw it here first on Hidden Track.

  6. Now I am pissed at Carlos just for this …

    “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Carlos Mencia”

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