Our First Taste of Arcade Fire & Brimstone

The Arcade Fire’s about to begin playing the first few notes of their second New York City show, part of a five-night stand at Judson Memorial Church. I think this tour is in support of the band’s highly anticipated second album “We Can Stab a Rusty Shiv Into the Belly of a Pregnant Broad and Still Be Fuckin’ Rad.” Pretty catchy.

A kind HT reader named Butch just shot me a link to a decent video clip of last night’s Black Mirror, and if this thing’s any indication of full-show performance, I’m guessing all five of these puppers are gonna be sicky sicky.


Our friend Neddy is headed to tomorrow night’s performance, and he’ll be penning a full review for youse come Friday. But if you want to take the temperature of the churchgoers, Billboard.com posted a nice review today. Enjoy the shows and whatever live multimedia makes its way onto the world wide web.

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