Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Rail-Thin Frontman Edition

So I wanna post…some vids on the face of today…and then they’ll paint it.

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Let’s lead off with Blind Melon’s Shannon Hoon hopping on stage with Guns N’ Roses in Chicago back in 1992 for a rousing rendition of Don’t Cry. This video is simply amazing, and I’m left wondering why Axl and Hoon never joined the WWF as one of those high-flying tag teams that delivered well-timed simultaneous drop kicks from the top turnbuckle (check out 4:10 into this clip). It all makes perfect sense. Incidentally, Axl’s outfit is worth emulating and bringing back into the mainstream fold: flannel shirt, giant crucifix, boxer briefs and Timberlands.


  • Someone had the audacity recently to claim that “Joni Mitchell sucks.” I won’t say she’s the greatest musician ever, but every time I watch or hear her play I’m reminded of the incredible dearth of singer/songwriter talent in today’s music world. Just watch this version of Coyote from Santa Barbara in 1979 with Jaco Pastorius and Pat Metheny behind her. I always point to Joni as the quintessential ugly girl with big teeth that’s still sexy as fuck.
  • There was a six-month span at one point in my Northwestern career during which Chicago’s biggest classic rock station played the James Gang’s Walk Away every time I got into my car. It was uncanny, every time. I had been a big fan of the song and never really complained, but now I’m kvetching about the withdrawal. I miss it. So here’s a sweet version of Walk Away from 1971 that, sadly, the radio never played.
  • Most people under the age of 35 don’t really know how awesome the J. Geils Band was back in the day. I mean, seriously, they were off the freakin’ charts. And who doesn’t have room in their heart for a cool band with a great harp player named Magic Dick? Check out this Dick-led Whammer Jammer from Germany in 1979.
  • There’s a harp segue here, but instead I’ll go this route: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals playing Mystery Train? Shit, that combines two of my favorite things in the music world. Thank you, Farmerstan.com.
  • It’s been awhile since I’ve posted some Tea Leaf Green in any post, and that’s gotta change right now. So here’s One Reason from the Rock and Roll Band DVD they released on Halloween last year.

Are you not satisfied? Well, post some of your own ‘Tube finds below…

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