Wednesday Intermezzo

It’s time to take a break from reading gossip about Britney and Anna Nicole (hell, and even Trey) to find out what’s going on in the music world. While we don’t have any nip slips, we have plenty of links to keep you entertained:

Feel free to drop your own linky linky knowledge by leaving a comment below (we never said you couldn’t post nip slips). We’d be obliged…

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  1. Um…I didn’t click on all of Largehearted Boy’s links, but I don’t think I saw Live Music Archive under the “Live Music.” That’s like listing the best place to find – I don’t know – CNN’s top news stories and not linking to CNN. Unless Largehearted Boy can tell me a BETTER place to find those coveted Hagfors Gebhardt Hickstars and Acoustic Vibration Appreciation Society shows.

  2. Hey thanks for the link to the Everyday Companion podcast, Scott! I love reading Hidden Track and feel honored to have made your blog, if even in a minor way. Make sure to tune in next week when we reveal a NEWLY discovered Panic tune!

  3. Chilly, he did mention that they had excluded Live Music Archive in the copy at the top. But I agree with you. The list of live music links should only have one entry and it should be Live Music Archive.

    I noticed a lack of torrent sites. gets no love? What about dimeadozen or the panic site. Those fuckers had the bonnaroo shows up within hours last year.

  4. Who reads the words??? I just go right for the links. That’s the American way! (OK, my bad)

    Speaking of the American way, Ted Rockwell
    is a true patriot to this country. No man has sacrificed himself for the betterment of our culture more than him. In fact, if I had to rank Americans throughout history today, I’d go with:

    1. FDR
    2. Abe Lincoln
    3. Gisele Bundchen
    4. Ted Rockwell

  5. Ted, thanks for all the effort you’ve put into Everyday Companion. I’ve been reading the books and visiting the website since I saw my first WSP show over ten years ago.

    Your podcast series is freakin’ amazing.

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