John Mayer Dangles Some Stash

John Mayer’s getting a lot of ink lately. Between the Rolling Stone “New Guitar Gods” cover and the recent Grammys appearance with John Legend and Corrine Bailey Rae, Mayer’s opened many close-minded eyes and successfully transformed himself from mainstream pop artist to mainstream blues guitarist.

I’m not sure what Fall 2006 show this clip’s from, but as far as fillers go, this is a great Mayer showcase video for fans of the elusive mainstream blues jam.


I find some minor fault in my own query here, but I’ll pose it anyway: Is it just me, or is Mayer totally living the life right now that Trey wanted for himself when the popular rock band Phish broke up? Mayer’s got a cool backup band that defers to the artist, an innate ability to write top-quality songs, he’s playing to a more mainstream audience and he sells out his shows.

Sure, as a friend of mine pointed out, Mayer won’t ever cover complete albums, bounce on trampolines, play a seven-hour set, or rock MSG on NYE for five years straight. But right now, I bet he’s loving the life that Big Red covets. Must be nice.

  • Check out John’s fairly witty and entertaining blog here
  • Our friend Matty Mac desperately wanted me to post these YouTube clips in a late addendum to this little piece, almost as much as he desperately wants to make love to a schoolboy: John Mayer and Just Blaze on turntables — The ALife Sessions (Part I and Part II). It’s good times. Thanks, Matty. Hey, what kind of a name is Just Blaze? What is that, Jewish?

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  1. So, you post an entry about Mayer and an entry about a hip hop festival, but you don’t post the clips of Mayer collaborating with Just Blaze that I sent to you? Heresy, I tell you. Heresy. Try to find the clip where he is being interviewed by Ryan Gaycrest, where Gaycrest asks him about his relationship with Jessica Simpson. The response is priceless.

  2. Assholes – Now you have me searching the Internet for John Mayer, Jessica Simpson and Ryan Gaycrest clips just to see what you were talking about.

    Now who’s the gay one?

  3. Thank you, Mr. Cowboy. You’re the bee’s knees. And the whole schoolboy thing is all speculation, he’s totally in high school now, so it’s cool.

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