Rock the Bells: Rage & Wu

The recently reunited Rage Against the Machine has added three more dates to its touring schedule. Rage will join the Wu-Tang Clan at the top of the bill of the Rock The Bells hip-hop festival that kicks off in New York at the end of July. Great, sounds like another show my parents won’t let me attend (Mom, I’m 27!).


First it was the reunion of the Wu-Tang Clan in 2004. Then it was A Tribe Called Quest later that year. Now, ROCK THE BELLS will make history again as Rage Against The Machine announces their plans to perform three exclusive engagements with the critically acclaimed world-class hip-hop festival this summer. The epic line-up will see Rage Against The Machine join Wu-Tang Clan for two dates on the west coast (August 11–NOS Events Center, San Bernardino, CA, August 18–venue TBA, San Francisco) and for Rock The Bells’ inaugural venture into New York City (July 28– Randall’s Island) for their only scheduled appearance on the eastern seaboard this year.

We’re setting the over/under on the Randall’s Island death toll at seven. Takers?

As a related aside, two years ago my friends and I looked at a huge apartment way out of my price range and way out of my desired geographic location. Moving in there made no fiscal sense, or any other sense for that matter, but we almost pulled the trigger on the place strictly because the Wu-Tang Clan had the other two lofts across the hall. Truth. Howdy, neighbors…you wanna hit this shit?

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  1. Morello belogns in Rage. While one of the most interesting riff writers around, he is also—at the very same time—the single worst soloist in the history of the electric guitar. Playing a child’s scale of one-note moves while flipping dials on his effects rack does not make for interesting music, nor is it pretty. HIs solos throughout the Audioslave canon sound like diabetic cats coughing up cancer cells. It boggles the mind to think that this guy went to Harvard and still can’t figure out that his solos are absolute shit.

    Making matters worse, they’re the same exact solo on every tune. As a guitarist, he deserves a serious cockpunch.

  2. Yeah, Killing in the Name Of has one of the easier solos on the whole Guitar Hero game…

    Rage doesn’t really do it for me — throw in Randall’s Island and a crowd of people that will most likely be rowdy to quite rowdy, and I don’t see my soft self hitting this one up.

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