Friday’s Leftovers

I’m glad February is behind us and we’re moving onto March. This month, in addition to Langerado, I’m excited to see Levon Helm and The Allman Brothers Band at the Beacon Theater. And yesterday I received the good news that Steely Dan will also be appearing at the legendary venue.

As we previously reported, the Beacon has been sold from Live Nation to Madison Square Garden. The renovation of the theater has already started, as scaffolding surrounds all sides of the building. I just hope Chuckie Dolan doesn’t turn the venue to shit like he has done with his two sports franchises.

I’m gearing up for Langerado this weekend — what’s up with all’a youse?

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  1. I heard the new Medeski & Martin disc is called “Fuck You, Wood Brothers, We Can Duet Too” — any truth to that? If ya ask me, that would be a catchy title.

    I saw M & M last night at Town Hall (reviews to come), and Chris Wood was strangely absent. I’ll tell you this, MMB or MMAnyone is not as good as MMW. That’s a real bold statement, I know. Out on a limb, I’m going.

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