Local News Picks Up on the Dangers of Emo

Every music genre and corresponding subculture has levels of cool. But until I saw this eye-opening (and eye-lining) news report, I had no clue just how cool emo kids really were. You gotta love a news report that features intentionally ironic and probably fake websites as its source materials. J-School, baby, J-school.


I like what YouTube commenter spleen1666 has to say about this whole thing: “emo = guys without dicks.” Probably because they cut ’em off to earn points.

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  1. Holy shit, I didn’t know they sold Sheriff’s hats at lids now… What city is there stadium in?

    Love that “emo checklist” that is making fun of emo kids, and the “must be emo” song makes fun of emo kids, and the newscasters think kids actually post their scores on myspace like it’s a competition. Oh man that’s good… about two minutes of interviews talking to one of these kids would have told them that.

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