Grousing The Aisles: Langeradownloads

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The downloads from this weekend’s kickoff to festival season are starting to emerge, and we figured we’d throw them out as soon as they come to our attention. So here’s the first batch of torrents and sendspaces for you to devour, and we’ll update this post as often as we can.

My Morning Jacket 3/10/07 (FLAC)
Widespread Panic 3/11/07 (FLAC) (second source, third source 24-bit)
Tea Leaf Green 3/9/07 (FLAC)
Tea Leaf Green late-night 3/8/07 (FLAC)
Greyboy Allstars 3/10/07 (FLAC) (second source)
Medeski, Martin & Wood 3/10/07 (FLAC)
Perpetual Groove 3/10/07 (FLAC)
Girl Talk 3/11/07 (sendspace mp3)
JJ Grey & MOFRO 3/10/07 (FLAC)
JJ Grey and MOFRO late-night 3/10/07 (FLAC)
The Slip 3/10/07 (FLAC)
Los Lobos 3/11/07 (FLAC)
Galactic 3/9/07 (FLAC)
Soulive 3/10/07 (FLAC)
Jake Shimabukuro 3/11/07 (FLAC) (second source 24-bit)
Sound Tribe Sector 9 3/9/07 (FLAC) (second source 16-bit)
Matisyahu 3/11/07 (FLAC)
Explosions in the Sky 3/11/07 (sendspace mp3)
The Hold Steady 3/9/07 (FLAC)
Trey Anastasio 3/9/07 — Friday festival set (FLAC)
Trey Anastasio 3/8/07 — Thursday Revolution show (FLAC)
Lotus 3/11/07 (FLAC)
Michael Franti & Spearhead 3/10/07 (FLAC) and (sendspace mp3)
Apollo Sunshine 3/10/07 (FLAC)
New Monsoon 3/8/07 Late-night (FLAC)
The Heavy Pets (SonicBids Winner) 3/9/07 (FLAC) (second source)
Toubab Krewe 3/10/07 (24-bit)
No. Miss. All Stars late-night 3/10/07 (FLAC)
Taj Mahal 3/11/07 (FLAC)
Toots and the Maytals 3/11/07 (FLAC)
Pepper 3/11/07 (FLAC)

Widespread Panic
Disco Biscuits
Sound Tribe Sector 9 (festival and late-night)

Stay tuned, and if you come across anything we haven’t posted yet, either hit us in the comments below or send me a note at

(And many thanks to Mike Pellen for being awesome with the updates…)

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0 thoughts on “Grousing The Aisles: Langeradownloads

  1. Sisto Reply

    Quick note: That Lotus show is 24-bit, and thus needs some work before you can burn it to a CD. If you’re still into burning CDs. You should be able to listen to it just fine on your PC, though it will be a little bigger than necessary.

  2. Ace Cowboy Reply

    Mike, you the man…thanks so much for the help.

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  4. Jeremy Reply

    Hey All, I’m really looking for that matisyahu set. Any help out there would be awesome!!! It was a great weekend, and thanks to all the FAMILY that showed up. You know who you are.
    Light and Love,

  5. Mike Reply

    I’m looking for it too. Soon as I find a source I’ll email Ace to have the link put up here.

  6. ginz Reply

    “STS9 DVD VIDEO 3/9/07”

    looks like no dessert either for the family

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  8. ric Reply

    i am looking for lotus, p groove, bela, AOD, and toubab.. NOT 24 bit

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