1995: It Was A Very Good Year

After years of frustrating stagnation, LivePhish is really churnin’ ’em out now.


The popular rock band Phish’s organization has made 12/1/95 from the Hersheypark Arena in Hershey, Pennsylvania available for official download, on both audio and video. This marks the second ’95 show released in the past month, and archivist Kevin Shapiro hints in his corresponding essay that there may be more forthcoming: “This show, like Orlando before it and others on-deck for future release, is another stop along the golden road to the epic year-end celebration of this powerhouse year of Live Phish.” Bring that shit on, Shapiro.

  • Click here to download the 12/1/95 show on audio, video or both
  • Click here to read Kevin Shapiro’s 12/1/95 essay on LP.com

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  1. sold my mail order ticket to that show at the last minute…dumb day job commitments. New Haven the next night was good (see Guelah) but def not 12/1 🙁

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