Friday’s Leftovers

It was tough getting back into the real-life groove this week after the amazing time I had in Florida at Langerado, and this weekend can’t come soon enough. Let’s hope Friday flies by — these links will help kill some time:

I’m off to see Gene Ween tonight and Tea Leaf Green tomorrow. What does the weekend hold for y’all? Let’s hear it below…

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  1. I think the wife and I are going to head out to Home Depot, maybe Bed, Bath & Beyond…perhaps organize a closet, who knows? Thanks for asking!

    You’re going to see Gener tonight? Lucky bastard.

    Its funny, I was just lamenting the fact that the Traveling Wilburys album was not out there anymore–especially on iTunes. Glad to see that they’re releasing that killing first album again.

    Team Deuce eats it.

  2. Looking forward to that Wilburies set. Rhino does a great job with box sets and remastering and repackaging.

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