Where’s Cactus?

Mike Gordon is missing. Ever since his buddy Trey informed us of Gordo’s supposed one-year hiatus from playing during his interview at the Y, Cactus has been noticebaly incommunicado. Yet we haven’t heard anything from Cactus himself, so HT opened the case to find our favorite afromulletted bassist.

We started our search in February during Black History Month:

Cactus isn’t just a fan of social activism. He’s also been known to support political activists as well. See if you can find Cactus on this Obama rope line:

If you’ve seen Mike, let us know. “Where’s Cactus?” won’t rest until Gordo returns to the stage for a rock gig.

(photo illustrations by Neeko)

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  1. if i may paraphrase marty mcfly, maybe you guys arent ready for this… but yer kids are gonna LOVE it.

    ok, actually, thats a direct quote, init?

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