Beasties Release a Sick Communication

You like lists? Here’s a some sick news from the Beastie Boys:

1. we have a new record coming out
2. it’s gonna be sick
3. we’re playing a bunch of shows this summer (see below)
4. they’re gonna be sick
5. we’re gonna play some instrumental only shows also… (you know..drums..bass..guitar..keyboard..percussion..)
6. better call your doctor..cause they’re gonna be sick
7. it’s gonna be a gala event
8. we’re changing up the website…sick
9. got new gear coming soon…again…sick..
10. go see a tailor and get tapered up…

I mean, I just love the phrase “Gala Event.” Sick shit.

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4 Responses

  1. That’s so ill. I’ve always thought the period with instrumentals (Check Your Head and Ill Communication) to be the best material for the B-Boys. I’m calling my doctor right away.

  2. Yeah, I saw them after ‘Check Your Head’ and man, what a cool show. Except for when I passed out in the middle… that was awkward.

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