USTORM Blows Roof Off Park West

The USTORM Foundation threw itself a 1st Birthday Party at the Park West in Chicago this weekend, and just by reading the setlist that follows, we’ve never been more jealous of a lucky group of concertgoers. Da-yum. The non-profit organization that raises money for music and art education better raise some money for a new roof as well, ’cause the USTORM Players musta blown it clean off.

USTORM billed the event as “an evening of acoustic and electric music” and featured a list of impressive live performers, with members of Umphrey’s McGee and the Disco Biscuits dominating the bill that also included the lovely Jennifer Hartswick, Al Schnier, Jeff Austin, Ron Johnson and Josh Quinlan. Throw in some sick covers of The Band, Talking Heads, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Miles Davis, and we’re holding our heads in disbelief wishing we were there.

Photo by Jason Kaczorowski (many more here)

It’s not often these days that a setlist makes us really pissed off to miss a show, but there is no denying the pain from missing this ridiculousness:

Set I: Always Up (JA/BB), #6, Susanah, That’s the Way, Grave (Al, Ron, JA, BB, Jaco Drums) > Jam > Grave, Willin’ (Aron, Ron, Al, Jake), Ain’t No Sunshine (Jen, Jake, Ryan, Kris), Fearless (Aron, Marc, Jake, Kris – Drums, BB), I’ve Just Seen A Face (Al, JA, BB), Booger (JA/BB), It Makes No Difference (Jen/BB), Wish You Were Here, The Weight (Al, Jen, BB, Ryan, Jeff, Aron, Kris)

Set II: In the Kitchen (Marc, Aron, BB, Kris, Al, Jake), Have a Cigar > Jam > Life During Wartime (Ron, Jake Drums, Al, BB, Aron) > Dear Prudence (Ron, Al, BB, Jake Drums, Aron, Josh, JA), Chameleon (Horns, Ryan, Jake Drums, BB, Aron), Ophelia (Jake, Kris, Ryan, BB, Aron, Josh), I am the Walrus (Marc, Aron, BB, Jake, Kris) > Willie the Pimp (Ron, Jake, Kris, Al, BB) > Sax Solo > Karma Police (Ron, Kris, Al, BB), Moth (Al, BB, Ryan, Kris, Aron), Helter Skelter (Jen, Ron, Aron, Al, Kris, BB), Debra, Home Again (Marc, Aron, Kris, Jake, Al, BB) > Brain Damage > Eclipse

Enc: Late in the Evening

Musician legend: BB = Brendan Bayliss (Umphrey’s McGee), Andy = Andy Farag (UM), Jake = Jake Cinninger (UM), Ryan = Ryan Stasik (UM), Kris = Kris Myers (UM), AL = Al Schnier (moe.), JA = Jeff Austin (Yonder Mountain String Band), Aron = Aron Magner (Disco Biscuits), Marc = Marc Brownstein (DB), Jen = Jennifer Hartswick (Trey Anastasio Band), Ron = Ron Johnson (KDTU, New Monsoon), Josh = Josh Quinlan (Ray’s Music Exchange)

We’ll have plenty more on and from this event from the production manager and an active stage participant…so stay tuned to Hidden Track for more.

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  1. i won the tickets for Disco Biscuits in the raffle. I didn’t get them at the Park West show. I still have my ticket and was wondering if/when I couls still get them.

    Thanks!! The show was AWESOME!!

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