Wednesday Intermezzo: From You, Dad

I learned it from snorting you! Turns out, Keith Richards’ longtime manager claims the skeletal rocker was totally kidding when he said “I snorted my father. He was cremated and I couldn’t resist grinding him up with a little bit of blow.” Joke or not, the whole incident begs the question: Which dead person would you most like to cremate and snort? We’ll take Margaux Hemingway. Not sure why.

Anyone catch this weekend’s bitchin’ Austin City Limits with Michael McDonald and Joss Stone (I’m told it’s pronounced ‘yoss’, like ‘yogging’)? There’s one more replay later this week, so set your TiVos. Serious Sweet Freedom action.  

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  1. I totally rose to my feet when McDonald and his band killed Takin’ It To The Streets. You should have seen me in my living room as I was clapping along and singing harmony with Michael Mac. That man is a fucking legend.

    The best is listening to him speak. His singing voice is soooooo different from his speaking voice.

  2. I am angry with myself for not knowing of this “Austin City Limits” show. Later tonight, after I strap on my cilice and flog myself, I’ll set the Tivo on stun.

  3. Seriously, get on it, Sisto…I think it’s on again on Friday at 3 pm, but check your local listings for showtimes in your area. It really is a great short set, save a slow song after Sweet Freedom (I think) I can do without.

    The What’s Goin’ On is so over the top it’s both funny and amazing. And Scotty, I made the same point to my roommates about his speaking voice as I watched this last night. It’s like when the Jewish Goldman kid from Family Guy takes out his retainer and speaks like an aristocrat…only not at all.

  4. He’s not dead yet (I’m pretty sure), but can you imagine the mind fuck high you would get off snorting some of Keith Richards ashes?

    Man… it would be headier than mainlining Tomacco.


  5. Chanteuse Nico! And as a bonus a grumbling voice heavy with teutonic tones and make a killing as the voice over for scary movies.

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