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Major news from the Drive-By Truckers camp: Jason Isbell has left the band, and the Truckers will finish their tour with John Neff on guitar. Isbell was a big part of the band’s sound, and it remains to be seen how easily they can recover from his sudden departure. The band began and thrived before Jason’s arrival, and hopefully they can bounce back from the lineup change. The split seems amicable, but I’m sure the behind-the-scenes story will come out and remind us there are no amicable splits. For now, enjoy these links from around the Internets:

Did you see any good shows this weekend? Let us know by leaving a comment…

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  1. The GD Taper’s section just gets better and better every week. This one feature’s a sick It’s A Man’s World from PigPen — are you kidding me? Sick shit, for free, and nobody cares too much. Get outta town, folks.

  2. I saw Panic in DC. The show featured jams that were almost as big as Schools’ C-cup breasts. My god, are we sure Mikey’s death was due to cancer and not because Dave ate him? I’m gonna get Mariska Hartigay on the horn to look into this one.

    Highlights for this guy were a solid “Rock” (alas, not “Solid Rock”), Rebirtha>Ribs ‘n’ Whiskey in the 1st. While the meat of the 2nd – the jam out of Papa Johnny Road (Papa Freaking Johnny Road was strong-to-quite strong)>Arleen>I’m Not Alone>Tie Your Shoes – was the balls. Yes, I said “the balls.” And the City Of Dreams encore had me thinking, “OK, WHEN will I see these guys again?” (The town drunks at Phantasy Panic are saying Radio City two nights in July).

    Other random thoughts:

    Jimmy Herring’s head and face is now 94% covered in long, lustrious hair.

    The venue ran out of beer.

    The guy in front of me was wearing the EXACT same thing as JB: White shirt, black jeans, black cowboy boots. It was kind of disorienting, for some reason.

    From the balcony, I felt the crowd – for a Saturday night show where tickets were uber-scarce at a place where THEY RAN OUT OF BEER – was pretty dead. I especially noticed it at the end of the 2nd and before the encore.

    Did I mention that they ran out of beer??? At no time was the bar ever anything less than packed three-deep. This dude next to me bought six beers (and a white wine??) served in plastic cups and somehow managed to carry all of them back to his friends. They must teach a course in beer transportation at Georgia, Auburn, and Sewanee. I love Panic fans.

    The “throw me a fire” lighter toss during Big Wolly Mammoth seems to have, thankfully, fallen out of favor.

    That’s all I got. Anyone else there?

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