Flashback Filler: Fantastic 4’s Fire Eater

Seriously, where was I when the Fantastic 4 formed and decided to melt faces on a temporary but supernaturally unbelievable basis? Although it’s a recently established league of musical justice, I have no recollection of these guys even existing. I guess they properly practiced Rule #1 of being superheroic in public: be neither seen, nor heard. Or does that only pertain to ninja turtle street gangs?


The point of this post is simple: My roommate this weekend played this short-lived outfit’s sweet version of Fire Eater from 2004 in Chicago, and it’s so ridiculously money that you’ll shake your head in disappointment that they don’t tour.

This particular track features the Fantastic 4 with a special guest: It’s Eric Krasno, Robert Walter, Cheme Gastelum, and free-agent drummer Adam Deitch, with Jake Cinninger on guitar and Krasno moving to the Fender Rhodes. Sickness.

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