Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Peein’ Your Pants Edition

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The lineup at this year’s Bonnaroo festival is really one of the coolest collections of festival talent ever assembled. I mean, look at that roster — it just doesn’t stop, and there’s something for everyone. But the cool managed to get even cooler when the organizers added legendary saxomaphonist Ornette Coleman to the bill a few weeks back. And if you want my advice, there are two acts you shan’t miss down there: Coleman and Richard Thompson (I’ve been fully convinced).

We’ve featured some of Thompson’s work ’round here before, so let’s take this equal time to air some of Coleman’s stellar music. Shit, this is funky:


And how ’bout that shot of Milton Berle’s legendary genitals? Onto the rest:

  • While we’re on the kickass jazz kick, let’s head to the hall of legends and showcase a little Miles and Coltrane on this clip of What from 1958. I know I use the phrase “off the charts” a lot, but these guys were truly so off the charts that the chartists couldn’t even find new charts on which they would rate. Can’t go wrong with a rhythm section of Wynton Kelly on keys, Paul Chambers on bass, Jimmy Cobb on the kit. Beautiful stuff.
  • The Modern Jazz Quartet is easily the most underrated jazz band in history. Sure they were acclaimed in their time, but you don’t hear a thing about them in terms of historical legacy. They’ve been one of my favorites for a long time, and one viewing of this Bag’s Groove may make you a full-time convert as well — it’s only the first three minutes, but hopefully it’ll whet your appetite for Milt, Percy, John and Connie.
  • Vocals for vocals, pound for pound, if I were starting a band and needed a pure, evocative lead singer, I’ll take Van Morrison and I’ll give you the field. And we’d win every Battle of the Bands we enter, and you won’t any of the Battle of the Bands you enter. Warm Love? Yes I’ll take some, Van.
  • Paging stoned high school and college kids everywhere: You’re gonna want to check out this amazing Pink Floyd TV website that has done the hard work and amassed just about every awesome video of the band out there on the cyberwebs. Full Dark Side in concert. For real, yo.
  • Make sure to watch this fantastic Paul Anka tirade (via Coach)
  • Finally, we’ll end with a classic music management clip that has somehow escaped my peepers for many months. Here’s a hilarious (and sad) video of two members of The Turtles in 1990 explaining the shitty managerial experiences that come along with being the group that sang “Happy Together.” Really, this video rocks. (And it’s so sad.)

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