Phil Apparently Sucked; Special Guest Tonight?

Most reviews I’ve read of last night’s performance are as down on the former Grateful Dead bassist as anything ever written on the world wide web.

As we expected, for the first of two super-stealth shows Phil brought along newcomer Larry McCray and fast friend Larry Campbell on guitars, Particle’s Steve Molitz on keys, Christina Durfee on vocals and Jaz Sawyer, who filled in for a food-poisoned John Molo on drums. The underwhelming lineup may have contributed to the overwhelming negativity surrounding the show, and I’ll have to find out tonight for myself whether or not this really is “the most expensive bar band in New York,” as notorious wisenheimer Brian Ferdman put it:

The band was not together, there were no transitions at all, and McCray and Sawyer were being asked to play tunes that were almost entirely unfamiliar to them. Instead of letting the rookie quarterbacks shake off their rocky start with some easy dumpoffs (standard covers) or screen passes (bluesy Pigpen numbers), Coach Phil kept attempting gadget plays (Built to Friggin’ Last?) and deep routes (a Ryan Adams song?). This was not a good gameplan.

Rumors are swirling of a big-time special guest tonight, although I wouldn’t put it past some people to spread this as a counterattack to the negative Internet spittle. Still, if someone comes out tonight, I bet it’ll be more of a homeless-lookin’ guitarist than a redheaded one. Or not. We’ll find out tonight…

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