Stagediving at a Dylan Show? So Not Cool.

As our friend Richard suggested to me, this is “improper concert behavior at its cringiest.” Agreed, that’s what we like to refer to as unfettered douchebaggery.


Some friends weigh in: Deputy Girardin decried the moves of the chick in the Mom Jeans at the beginning, to which Monk excellently replied, “She keeps coming around on him too with that Jimmy Buffet anglo fingersnap > hip shimmy move.”

But HT Illustrator Neeko said it best: “It’s even better with no sound…it’s this surreal combo of a rock concert and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

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7 Responses

  1. Had I been running security that night (11/12/1996 – Dubuque, Iowa), EVERY person who jumped on stage would have not only been ejected from the arena, but banned for a given year. Unless the artist says it is ok, NOBODY should EVER jump onstage like that. All you are accomplishing is (a) disruption of the show (b) affecting others’ enjoyment of the show and (c) making a total ass of yourself! It’s called “concert etiquette”, and if I had a dollar for every person I’ve seen be cluelessly ignorant of that, I would be retired right now.

  2. Wow, how is such douchbaggery allowed?! This is outta control. And why is it that everyone who jumped onstage was wearing flannel and/or mom jeans? And they all seem to do a little Kirk Cameron-style boogie dance when they’re up there. Luckily for them, Dylan wasn’t doling out face punches a la Tweedy.

  3. Thing is, at the same time he’s playing the most inspired post-seventies version of that chestnut I’ve ever heard. That pedal steel!

  4. omg – I’m dying. Dude, this is the single best video I’ve ever seen. Oh man, ha…I need to watch it again.

    How the f*ck did people (management/security) ever let it get to that point? Oh god, its a disaster.

    Attack of the Walmart-moms! And who is that tripping Lizard King guy? He’s my fave!

  5. Messing with somebody when they’re making the steel sing like that is a crime against humanity. Douche-o-Rama.

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