Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Fretless Edition

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In scanning the blog’s archives, I realized there’s one name that’s gone almost entirely unmentioned: Jaco Pastorius. A preliminary search turns up two drops of the Jaco name, but for a bassist this ludicrous, that’s just not nearly enough. So let’s change things up and pay homage to the man that put Come On, Come Over on my radar — here’s The Chicken from the Montreal Jazz Festival in 1982.


How much do you love the Bob Ross lookalike playing the sax in that video?

  • Ever heard Joe Cocker’s version of The Letter without saying, “Holy fuck, man, that’s, like, the best song of all-time”? Me neither. I say we all turn and watch this sicky sicky performance from the days of Mad Dogs & Mutton Chops (Jim Keltner’s second quasi-appearance on this blog today).
  • The Cocker video features a disinterested Leon Russell ripping up the keys. This video features a skinnier version of Tony the “Neo-McCarthism, I like that” nerd from Dazed & Confused on keys. And maybe watching what could be a pair of lesbians sing to each other brings out the lady in me, but this video of Warren Zevon and Jackson Browne singing Mohammed’s Radio in December 1976 is fucking beautiful. Just beautiful stuff.
  • Brand new to YouTube, here’s a well-shot clip of Beck playing Where It’s Out and Odelay in Seattle. The Kidz love The Beck.
  • Judging (Amy) by the number of views, I’m guessing this has escaped your attention like it did mine. At long last, a piece of the Coventry Soundcheck hath made it to the ‘Tube — it’s only two minutes, but it’s at least a little glimpse at the most salvageable moment of Phish’s last dance.
  • I’m gonna let Scotty close us out: “Lifetime isn’t exactly a television station you would expect to catch the hijinks of Dean and Gene Ween, but shit happens when you promote a record. Ween visited the short-lived Jane Pratt Show in 1993 to play their single Freedom of ’76 on one of the more awkward TV appearances of all-time. This was before they had a touring band, so the duo play the song with the help of a DAT recorded drum track. Old school.”

Any videos catch your lazy eye this week? Throw ’em on out there…

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